Indiana Teacher Arrested For Sex With Male Student, Blames Husband

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An Indiana high school English teacher was arrested and charged with engaging in sexual relations with a male student on at least four separate occasions. However, court documents reveal that the woman blamed her husband for her disturbing behavior.

An Indiana high school teacher was arrested after police uncovered evidence of her sexual relationship with a male student. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

It appears that the media have no shortage of predatory teachers taking advantage of vulnerable and impressionable children under their care. Typically, young female educators seem to fill the headlines time and again for their twisted escapades.

Most disturbingly, the female suspects hardly ever consider themselves to be responsible for their sordid crimes. Unfortunately, that seems to be the case for an Indiana English teacher, at least, according to her text exchanges with her young victim.

Erin Orban
Former Elwood Community High School teacher Erin Orban, 24, was charged with two felony counts involving the sexual abuse of a minor. (Photo Credit: Madison County Jail)

Former Elwood Community High School teacher Erin Orban was arrested in the early morning hours for the alleged sexual abuse of a minor, according to The Herald Bulletin. The 24-year-old English educator was charged with Level 5 felony child seduction and Level 6 felony official.

Orban has been accused of engaging in sexual intercourse multiple times with one of her male students over the course of the school year’s fall break. An arrest warrant was issued after investigators compiled a list of text messages she sent and received from the 17-year-old boy.

Police uncovered text messages in which Erin Orban complained to the student that her husband “treats her bad” and promises that she would take him to professional basketball games. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Orban allegedly sent the student around 150 messages through a social media app, grooming the boy with the promise of taking him to professional basketball games. According to court documents, Orban allegedly gained the sympathy of her minor victim by telling him that her husband “treats her bad,” the Toronto Sun reports.

Erin Orban had sexual contact with the victim multiple times.

The victim confessed to the police that he had “sexual relations” with Orban on four separate occasions over the break. He alleged that she would take him to her Lapel residence and to a hotel in Fishers in order to hide their relationship, RTV6 reports. He claimed that their sexual relationship ended when school resumed and that it was awkward to return to her classroom.

Erin Orban
Suspicion grew when a video allegedly showing Erin Orban having sex with the student began circulating throughout the school. (Photo Credit: LinkedIn)

Police disclosed that a video allegedly showing the pair having sex began circulating around the school. Online records suggest that another student confronted Orban about the video and informed the police that she would “only smile at him and casually tell him to stop.” The witness also stated that the victim was “real flirty” with Orban and would regularly make inappropriate comments during class.

Elwood Community Schools Superintendent Joe Brown confirmed that the school was aware of the allegations and immediately placed Orban on administrative leave pending internal and police investigations. Orban was terminated 10 days later and moved to Tipp City, Ohio. An attorney for the teacher’s union promised that Orban would “turn herself in” if a warrant was issued. However, she was arrested soon after.

“If facts warrant, additional information, as permitted by law and policy, will be provided,” Brown said.

Erin Orban was immediately placed on administrative leave by Elwood Community Schools administrators and later fired. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Orban had been seen off-campus with her alleged victim, leading many to believe that she is guilty of the allegations. Investigators have spoken with several students and staff members, who confirmed these accusations.

If Orban is guilty of the allegations against her, she should be considered just as much a child predator as her male counterparts. Unfortunately, the media and the public often treat female predators less harshly for the same crimes.