Pro-Choice Advocates Gang Up On Pro-Lifer, Allegedly Grab And Lick Her

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“Daddy still butt-f***ing you?” pro-choice advocates, one of whom was wearing a pentagram necklace, asked a pro-lifer as they ganged up on the woman. But, that was far from the worst of the harassment they dished out, telling her, “Stop coming to the clinic, and this all ends.” And, it’s been caught on camera.

Bristol Regional Women’s Center (Photo Credit: Google Maps)

Erika Schanzenbach, a Tennessee pro-life advocate who spends her time as a sidewalk counselor in front of the Bristol Regional Women’s Center, has been harassed repeatedly by pro-abortion advocates outside the abortion clinic, PJ Media reported. Not only has she endured verbal harassment, with one of the pro-abortion advocates asking her “Daddy still butt-f***ing you?” but she’s also been physically assaulted.

Numerous pro-abortion activists have ganged up on Schanzenbach, going so far as to allegedly touch and grab parts of her body and even lick her, along with a mountain of verbal assaults that’s left her demanding protection. What’s more, she has caught it all on video multiple times, one of which is seen below and needs to come with a language and content warning:

The Thomas More Society, a legal firm that stands up for religious liberty and pro-life issues, has taken up the matter. The firm helped Erika Schanzenbach file petitions for orders of protection against members of a “radical pro-abortion organization,” who Thomas More Society Counsel Michael McHale says “often sought out Schanzenbach for harassment wherever she stands, even when she remains across the street from the abortion facility to avoid confrontation.”

The firm also alleges that “the offenders subject Schanzenbach to a variety of abuses, including surrounding her and blocking her from view with large, open umbrellas; licking her arms; following her very closely wherever she walks — even back to her vehicle hundreds of feet away from the abortion facility; stealing and destroying her leaflets; and hurling profanities, taunts, and obscene gestures directly in her face.” And, Schanzenbach has more than one video to back up these claims.

“These abusers boast online about their illegal conduct, identifying themselves as ‘Pro-Choice Bristol.’ Their Facebook post, ‘Pink Manifesto,’ states that they will ‘use any means necessary to physically block’ pro-life witnesses ‘from sight’ and will do ‘anything at all not being enforced equally for the protection of patients whether demonstrably legal or not,'” the firm explained. “The radical group also declares that ‘When local government fails’ it will ‘step in.'”

Indeed, as seen in multiple videos, Schanzenbach has been harassed, abused, and stalked by a group of pro-abortion advocates, identified as Denise Skeen and her adult daughters, Alethea and Rowan. Each was named as a respondent in petitions for court orders of protection, along with Cheryl Hanzlik, who allegedly attempted to cause permanent hearing damage by pointing a bullhorn directly into Schazenbach’s face and blaring loud police siren sounds on multiple occasions.

Erika Schanzenbach
Erika Schanzenbach has had a bullhorn blasted in her face by pro-abortion advocates. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Supplemental court complaints were also filed against Hanzlik and Alethea Skeen for ongoing illegal harassment, Thomas More Society said. The pro-abortion advocates seem to believe they’re the ones being mistreated, however, as they encourage Schanzenbach to “Call the cops!” But, in the videos of the many incidents, it’s the women who invade Schanzenbach’s space, pressing against her as she repeatedly tells them to stop touching her. Instead, she’s hit with a barrage of insults.

“Suck my d***!” the agitators tell her, asking, “What does she f***ing expect?” In addition, the hecklers accuse Schanzenbach of groping them after they push their bodies and breasts into her. “She touched my t***y!” one of the women yells while Schanzenbach clearly has her hands up to block them and protect her own space. Sadly, Schanzenbach isn’t only harassed by women. In the clip below, a man with a white beard screams in her face, repeatedly telling her to “shut up!” He also warns, “It’s going to be like this every single time.”

According to protection orders filed by the Thomas More Society, Denise Skeen asked Schanzenbach, “Daddy still butt-f***ing you?” and harassed her with descriptions of oral sex, sodomy, and masturbation. Alethea Skeen is also accused of pressing her body against Schanzenbach and screaming, “Suck it up, you little b*tch!” Clearly trying to intimidate Schanzenbach, she allegedly told her, “Stop coming to the clinic, and this all ends.”

But, rather than stoop to the pro-abortion advocates’ level, Erika Schanzenbach and the Thomas More Society want the law to stop the abuse. “These actions are blatantly illegal, and they are unacceptable in a civilized society,” McHale said. “Everyone has the right to peacefully advocate their beliefs on public streets and sidewalks without being bullied into silence. While we continue to ask local authorities to stop this illegal abuse, we are eager to help Ms. Schanzenbach secure some measure of relief in civil court.”

Erika Schanzenbach
Pro-abortion advocates try to disrupt pro-lifers praying outside the abortion clinic. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Erika Schanzenbach has substantial video evidence and live witness testimony demonstrating the ongoing abuse against her, which caused her to seek the protection order. She “has been terrorized while exercising her freedom to peacefully express her opinion,” just as Thomas More Society Counsel Michael McHale has said. And, it’s not right.

Regardless of where you stand on the abortion debate, we should all find intimidation tactics and physical assault abhorrent. No one deserves to be mobbed while legally protesting peacefully. While the pro-abortion protesters also have free speech rights allowing them to counter Schanzenbach’s message, physical harassment is something else entirely, and if that’s what you have to resort to in order to make your point, you really have a weak argument.