Beauty Queen Forced Out Of Restaurant Over ‘Inappropriate Outfit’

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A beauty queen was kicked out of a restaurant over an “inappropriate” outfit. She insisted that there was absolutely nothing wrong with her ensemble and claimed the security guard was a “jerk and a misogynist.” However, most viewers of the outfit are siding with the restaurant.

Erika Helin
Erika Helin (Credit: Instagram)

Erika Helin, who was crowned Miss Finland in 2018, made headlines after being thrown out of a restaurant because of her clothing choice for the outing to a Helsinki eatery. Erika alleges she was enjoying an evening out with some friends when she was approached by a security guard after she was allowed to enter the establishment.

Erika’s pink bralette, which she wore with a black mini skirt, heels, and a matching bag, was deemed inappropriate for the restaurant. Typically, a bralette is worn underneath a shirt that provides more coverage, but Erika chose not to wear one. Nonetheless, she was still shocked when a security guard confronted her. “Unexpectedly, the jerk came to get me, told me that I had to leave, dragged me out of the bar,” Erika explained.

“Although he didn’t object in any way when I got there, he loudly criticized my choice of outfit and said it violated the restaurant’s dress code,” Erika Helin added. The Scandinavian beauty claims she would have bought something from a nearby shop and changed her clothes if she had been informed of the situation before entering the restaurant.

“In my opinion, it is contradictory to even take a customer in if the outfit is not suitable,” Erika declared. However, the Finnish model did not believe there was anything wrong with her attire in the first place. “Maybe I’m too used to the dressing culture of my other home country—much more relaxed there,” she explained.

Erika Helin
Erika Helin (Credit: Instagram)

“It’s a little sad that your own body is inherently obscene and provokes reactions,” Erika explained. “I’m sad that we’ve been a customer for years, but this left me really bad.” Erika said she called the management of the restaurant because she felt “disrespected” by the occurrence and hoped that staff would learn “how to act in similar situations so no one is removed unnecessarily.”

Erika later shared a series of photos of the “inappropriate” attire and called the security guard a “misogynist.” However, the social media post sparked a debate, with some people claiming that the staff were correct to kick out Erika.

One wrote: “It looks more like a bikini top, and you can’t go to a bar wearing them.”

Another added: “It’s a good outfit to go to the BEACH.”

Meanwhile, a third said: “Totally inappropriate for a restaurant.”

One social media user remarked: “Totally inappropriate for a restaurant. What is it with these young women who have to go out in their underwear and then complain when they they don’t get the kind of attention they want?”

Erika Helin (Credit: Instagram)

A few people saw no fault with Erika Helin and came to the former beauty queen’s defense. They put the blame on everyone else.

“Nothing you wear defines you,” one netizen wrote. “You’re gorgeous, smart and clever… Don’t let the words of others bring you down.”

“I don’t think you should have been thrown out of the restaurant without mentioning [a dress code] in advance,” another replied. “Like what the f*** is going on?”

In the comfort of your own home, you can wear as little as you want. You can skip your clothes altogether. However, when you are on someone else’s property, such as a restaurant, you have to abide by their rules, which are subject to change, no matter how many years you have been going there.