Girl Has Dream After Sister’s Crash, Phone Call Confirms Premonition

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The sister of a beautiful girl, who lost her life in a tragic car accident five months prior, began sensing that there was a part of her sister still out there that she and her family needed to see. She couldn’t shake the feeling and even had a very detailed dream about the scene of the crash. Then, the family got a phone call.

Emily Clark
Emily Clark (left) and her sister Haily Clark (right) (Photo Credit: Provided by Family)

Emily Clark was just 20-years-old with a bright future ahead of her as a nurse when her life was cut tragically short along with four other Georgia Southern University nursing students. The group of five girls perished in a fiery seven-vehicle crash that took place near Savannah, Georgia. They were heading for their final clinical of the school year at St. Joseph’s/Candler Hospital when tragedy struck.

Along with there being no survivors, everything at the site was thought to have been destroyed and gone forever. But, Emily’s sister Haily couldn’t shake the feeling that not all was lost and that there was an important piece of her sweet sister that survived. She just knew it.

Haily Clark kept telling her grieving parents of the nagging urge she continued having, telling her to check the crash site. Her insistence was precipitated by a vivid dream she had about finding one personal item in particular at the scene that would help the family. That dream would eventually become reality.

Haily surveyed her sister’s roadside grave to no avail, but that didn’t satisfy her sisterly intuition that something was out there for them to find. Haily knew deep down that what her sister left for the family would find its way back to them, and she was right.

Emily Clark
Haily Clark, Kathy Clark, Emily Clark, and Craig Clark (Photo Credit: Facebook)

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Clarks got a phone call from their attorney, letting them know that they had some items they thought the family would want to have. Along with some other small items that survived the fatal wreck, Emily’s cell phone survived.

It was the exact item that Haily kept feeling was out there, hoping it would give the family the closure that they needed. “Her sister kept saying her phone is there,” said Kathy Clark, Haily and Emily’s mother. “We said, ‘No, it got destroyed.’”

Emily Clark
Emily’s phone contained hundreds of memories that survived the crash. (Photo Credit: Provided)

It was a miracle that the phone was completely intact and operable. The family was amazed that the phone still worked. It hardly looked like it had been through a wreck. “It’s dirty, that’s all,” Kathy Clark said. “We don’t know how or where it was,” she added in amazement.

The family turned the phone on and were flooded with hundreds of never before seen photos of their beloved daughter enjoying life to the fullest. The pictures provided Emily’s grieving parents and sister with many happy memories that have really helped them during the difficult healing process. Haily feels her sister guided her steps as a final gift to the family from beyond the grave.

Emily Clark

Emily Clark
Emily Clark and her friends (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Although Emily Clark didn’t live to fulfill her dream of becoming a nurse, Kathy Clark knows her daughter’s legacy will live on. “God doesn’t make mistakes,” Kathy said. “He knew that day He was taking them. And, He knew that they had jobs they would still be doing,” she concluded.

Now, the family feels like they can move on a little easier and keep Emily’s memory alive with all that they found on her phone. This instance proves that you should always follow your gut feeling, as it will lead you in the right direction and where you need to go. In this case, it was leading a grieving family to what they desperately needed to see.