Security Guards Watch As Man Rapes Woman — Face No Punishment

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As a man forced a woman out of a popular restaurant by her neck, a pair of security guards held the door open for him so he could exit with his victim through the back alley. However, the situation took a dark turn when the man began to rape the helpless woman as the nearby guards allegedly watched and laughed, and it was caught on video.

A woman has filed a lawsuit after security guards at El Hefe restaurant allegedly watched and laughed as she was raped. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

After winning a trip to Chicago, a Florida woman in her early 20s headed to the Windy City for an exciting weekend getaway. Unfortunately, her short stay would lead to a horrific set of events at a popular restaurant called El Hefe. It would change her life forever.

The woman, identified only as Jane Doe, was enjoying the evening at the El Hefe when she suddenly began feeling ill. As her condition quickly deteriorated, the woman expressed her desire to leave. It was then that an unidentified man seized the opportunity to escort her out.

El Hefe Security Guards Watch Laugh As Man Rapes Woman Face No Punishment
A pair of security guards held the door open for an unidentified man as he walked a woman into the back alley. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

WFLD reports that a man in bright red shoes appeared to force the woman out the back door of the restaurant and into an alleyway lined with dumpsters. As he walked the woman out, seemingly holding her up by the neck, a pair of security guards hold the door open for them to exit, shutting it behind them. The surveillance video then captured the horrific results.

The guards can be seen watching as the man in the red shoes pushes the woman up against a dumpster and sexually assaults her. Just feet away, the only two people that can help the defenseless victim appear to find humor in her nightmarish ordeal, according to her attorney.

“Not only as he’s walking out with her does the man in the red shoes wave them off, but also as the two security guards are out there standing and laughing and watching as though this is something of a joke for them,” said Attorney John Chwarzynski.

El Hefe Security Guards Watch Laugh As Man Rapes Woman Face No Punishment
The security guards could be seen watching as the suspect sexually assaulted the defenseless woman. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

After the man had raped her, the woman was left unconscious in the alleyway until someone stumbled upon her and called 911. She was rushed to Northwestern Memorial hospital and given a rape kit, which determined she had been sexually assaulted.

“She is not well,” said Attorney Brian Monico. “This is something that is deeply traumatizing to her and she is going to be in a bad way for a long time. She may have been drugged or something had been given to her to manipulate her and she deteriorated very quickly.”

Although police are searching for the rapist, the security guards have walked away scotfree. As such, the woman has filed a lawsuit against El Hefe restaurant for allowing the unidentified man to rape her.

El Hefe Security Guards Watch Laugh As Man Rapes Woman Face No Punishment
The security guards, who appear to know the suspect, have not been punished. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Based on the bizarre behavior of El Hefe employees, the victim’s lawyers believe that the rapist either works at the restaurant or knows someone who works there. However, the restaurant is denying any wrongdoing and issued a statement:

“A female guest became ill inside El Hefe and, per the venue’s standard protocol, was escorted by our security team to the back exit,” the statement said. “A male guest followed the female guest as she was escorted out back. El Hefe called an ambulance for the female guest and security remained with her until she left, alone, on the ambulance. During this time, our security team did not witness an assault in the alley. The male guest went back inside the venue and minutes later security witnessed the male guest leave the premises through the front door. We will work with law enforcement and cooperate in all facets necessary to help the authorities get the facts and enable a speedy investigation.”

El Hefe claimed that their security cameras weren’t working on the night of the rape. However, cameras in the alley captured the crime in disturbing detail, which seems to contradict the statement made by the restaurant.

The woman’s legal team has suggested that she may have been drugged for the purpose of rape. However, there had been no information released concerning a drug test on the victim to provide evidence for this theory.

As horrific as the rape is, it’s even more unconscionable that these able-bodied security guards would watch as an innocent victim suffered the worst moment of her life. These two security guards should have been immediately arrested and charged with being accessories to rape.

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