Influencer Sets Internet On Fire Over ‘Inappropriate’ Funeral Outfit

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When one social media influencer posted videos and photos modeling a black funeral outfit, the internet was set on fire with offended viewers claiming the dress was “totally inappropriate,” but the critics seemed to miss one important detail.

Influencer for EdgyLittlePieces brand set the internet on fire with “funeral dress.” (Credit: Screenshot)

A model for the apparel brand EdgyLittlePieces uploaded many TikTok videos featuring the brand’s “best-selling funeral dress.” According to New York Post, the influencer’s posts “horrified” social media users and generated a major backlash.

The “funeral dress” is a fitted halter mini-dress with big cutouts that reveal her cleavage and entire torso, with thin straps that crisscross down her neck, chest, and stomach. The model suggests how to wear the dress, noting that you may tighten the straps to make it “super modest for the funeral, then loosen it back down for the after-party.”

The influencer posted pics and videos promoting the black funeral dress. (Credit: TikTok)

According to reports, the model appears to be joking with viewers in order to gain free publicity. Many TikTok users, however, were offended by the so-called funeral dress. When one of her followers asked for advice on a “funeral fit,” the model answered with a video of herself wearing the dress.

“A bit inappropriate for a funeral,” one individual said.

“Is it me or does this seem disrespectful,” another person said.

“I mean the dress is [gorgeous] but not for a funeral,” another added.

The influencer responded to the critics, saying she had to disagree. “We’ve had so many girls wear this to funerals and they messaged us and said they got so many compliments,” the model said. “It’s super covered up, it doesn’t show any cleavage, and it’s super modest as well.”

The model shared tips to supposedly make the EdgyLittlePieces dress more modest. (Credit: TikTok)

However, when viewers noticed that the “super modest” look still showed the model’s cleavage and torso, commenters attacked her with harsh remarks.

“If I put this on for a funeral I think I would get disowned,” one viewer wrote to the EdgyLittlePieces social media team.

“My uncle would raise from the dead if I turned up in that,” another said.

“The only funeral I can imagine wearing those to would be me sugar daddies,” one person joked.

“If I wore that to a funeral I would be the one in the coffin,” said another.

“If someone wears this for my funeral I will come back from the dead and take them with me,” someone quipped.

“I think she has it on backwards,” another joked.

She defended the outfit against critics. (Credit: TikTok)

One commenter responded by attacking women who are part of the feminist movement and would wear such a dress to a somber occasion where modesty is expected.

“To even suggest this is appropriate at a Funeral, Wedding is how far down women have strayed from the Women’s movement,” he wrote. “I look at the [wives & girlfriends] of Athletes, movie stars, and others and mainly I see T&A. Am I offended by this? NO just can’t get how women today think they are only Sex objects and how far they lost the message of the feminist movement.”

While most people understandably deemed the dress inappropriate for a funeral, others seemed to understand that this was a joke that was simply used as a marketing ploy.

“The fact that people think you are being serious. You look amazing though,” one person said.

“This has to be trolling. Or could she be this stupid?” asked another viewer.

There’s a reason why so many people didn’t get the joke, if it was one. Some people would actually wear this dress to a funeral because they are that stupid, have low values, lack common sense, and have little regard for moral decency. Self-absorbed people can and will do anything they want to do, regardless of the impact on others. That is why sarcasm is lost on many and not recognized when conveyed.