Video: Cruel Man Yanks On Dog’s Ears Until Angry Cow Comes Charging

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There’s little in life that is more gratifying than seeing a cruel and inhuman person being served up the dose of karma they deserve, and that’s exactly what happened to one bully who yanked on a dog’s ears as the animal yelped in pain. Thankfully, the guy was about to meet his match, and it was all caught on video.

Stock image (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

An unnamed man, who has been described as a “cruel thug” and is believed to be from India, was caught on camera painfully lifting a dog up by its ears. In the video footage, which is difficult to watch, the man repeatedly pulls the dog up to his chest, using the aminal’s ears, as the canine yelps and cries in pain. Thankfully, the pup was about to be rescued in an unexpected twist that his abuser didn’t see coming.

In the footage, onlookers seemingly look on and record while the man repeatedly pulls on the dog’s ears as the canine whines in pain and tries desperately to pull away. The man eventually loses some of his grip on the dog, which falls to the ground. Sadly, his abuser is undeterred and tries to pull the pup up again, but it’s not long before the tables take a shocking turn.

The video footage was posted to Twitter by Indian Forest Service Officer Susanta Nanda, who simply said, “Karma,” and it’s easy to see why. Just when it seems no one is going to step in to save the tortured pup, a white cow with horns decides it’s had enough, and in the blink of an eye, the bully becomes the bullied, and instant karma is delivered.

Without warning, the cow charges the man, who had yanked the dog’s ears and pulled the canine up on its hind legs as it cried out in pain, pushing the dog out of the way. The large beast easily plows the guy over before the man can react, but the fed-up bovine doesn’t stop there. Instead, the cow gives the bully a good trampling, attacking him after he falls to the ground.

dog ears
An unidentified man was filmed as he yanked a dog’s ears. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

The unanticipated attack causes the man to lose his grip on the dog, allowing the animal time to escape, according to Daily Mail. As the unnamed man receives his comeuppance from the unlikely hero, some people in the crowd seem amused by the unexpected twist as laughter and squeals are heard before the video cuts off.

After taking a beating from the bovine, the man was also slammed on social media for tormenting the dog. Plenty of viewers also criticized the person who filmed the footage without trying to intervene as the helpless pup was being tortured and abused. “That cow is better than that person taking pic,” one such social media user wrote.

dog ears
A cow charged the man, who was yanking the dog’s ears, trampling him to the ground. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Others, of course, focused on the epic dose of karma, applauding the cow for coming to the dog’s defense. “I like this version. Instant Karma. Quick. Reciprocal. Painful,” one viewer  wrote with another adding, “An animal understood another animal[‘s] pain when people standing around can’t do anything.”

Indeed, it would seem this cow had more empathy for a fellow animal than most people have for their fellow man. Perhaps we could all learn a little something from this brave bovine. When you see an underdog — no pun intended — being abused and you have the power to stop them, you should. It’s never okay to watch an innocent creature being tormented and tortured.