Doctors Open Up ‘Overweight’ Woman, Find 50lb Cyst Inside Her

When an “overweight” Alabama woman came to the ER with severe stomach pain, doctors quickly opened her up. They were subsequently shocked by the “monster” they found inside of her. Nothing could have prepared them for this.

50lb Cyst
Kayla Rahn, before undergoing surgery for her stomach pain. (Photo Credit: Kayla Rahn via WSFA12)

After months of unexplained stomach issues, pain, and weight gain, a woman in Montgomery, Alabama now has answers. According to Kayla Rahn, her persistent stomach issues impacted even the most normal day-to-day activities. “I couldn’t even walk to my car without losing my breath,” she said.

Medical professionals told her the solution to the problems she was experiencing was weight loss. But that was easier said than done. “I had been trying to lose weight for about a year, but I was gaining weight,” said Kayla, according to WSFA12.

50lb Cyst
Kayla Rahn (Photo Credit: Kayla Rahm via WSFA12)

The 30-year-old said she was even getting asked the question no woman wants to hear from strangers. “I legit looked like I was a solid 9 months pregnant. We went to dinner and someone asked me if I was having twins. It was frustrating and rough,” she recounted.

When the pain ultimately became overwhelming, Kayla’s mother took her to the ER at Jackson Hospital in Montgomery. After a series of tests, a large mass was found in one of her ovaries. “I do remember telling my mom and busting out crying they were going to fix it. I knew something was wrong,” said Kayla.

Kayla Rahn had a 50lb cyst.

She immediately underwent surgery and her doctors removed a 50lb cyst. “The technical diagnosis; it was a mucinous cystadenoma. It is a benign condition,” said OB-GYN Dr. Gregory Jones, who operates at Jackson Hospital. According to Daily Mail, “An ovarian cyst is a fluid-filled sac that develops on a woman’s ovary. They’re very common and don’t usually cause any symptoms. Most occur naturally and disappear in a few months without needing treatment.”

Dr. Jones was in the operating room when Kayla’s 50lb cyst was removed. He said it was something he had seen before, but the size was surprising. “This is one of the largest I have ever seen or certainly removed,” said Jones. “We are very excited things went well for her.”

50lb Cyst
Kayla Rahn had this 50lb cyst removed from her body. (Photo Credit: Jackson Hospital via WSFA12)

With this burden lifted, Kayla now has a new lease on life. “As soon as I got home and was able to move a little, I tried every shirt I had on and it was awesome,” she said. “This dress I have on, I actually have not been able to wear in a year.”

Kayla hopes her story will encourage others to listen to their bodies when something doesn’t seem right. Likewise, Dr. Jones encourages everyone to be their own advocates for patient care. If something isn’t quite right, continue to bring it up with your physician until you get the answers you need. No one should have to live in pain for an extended period of time like Kayla did simply because she was never correctly diagnosed.