Frustrated Mom Visits Sheriff’s Office, Calls 911 For ‘Fashion Emergency’

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A Florida mom was feeling frustrated and in desperate need of some help with her son. Not knowing where else to turn, she drove to her local sheriff’s office. While at the station, she contacted 911. Dispatchers were initially confused by her request. But, once they understood, the mom was quickly given the help she needed.

Diana Wicks
When Diana Wicks needed help with her son, she headed to the sheriff’s office. (Photo Credit: Screen capture/WCJB)

Diana Wicks of Gainsville, Florida, does the best she can to take good care of her son. She helped him dress nice and made sure his clothes were ironed, giving the young man everything he needed to look good. Then, she realized there was one thing missing, and it was something she simply could not do. She needed help, and at first, she wasn’t sure where to get it.

Not letting her frustrations get the best of her, Diana hopped in her car and drove a short distance to her local sheriff’s office, according to Inside Edition. After arriving at the front of the sheriff’s department, the Alachua County woman pushed the call button outside, hoping someone in the office could give her boy the help she couldn’t.

Diana Wicks
Diana Wicks pushed the button outside the sheriff’s office, hoping someone inside could help with her son. (Photo Credit: YouTube)

Little did Diana know, pushing that button connected her to 911, and Diana was quickly patched through to Alachua County Combined Communications dispatchers. “Communications, we’re on a recorded line, do you have an emergency,” the dispatcher asked, thinking she had received a 911 call. Instead, Diana, who was right outside the sheriff’s office, was on the other end of the line.

Her request was an unusual one that the dispatchers had never heard before. “No, I don’t have an emergency, I’m outside the door,” Diana told the trained 911 call-taker, explaining she was standing out in front of the sheriff’s department. Then, she revealed why she was there. “Do you have an officer in there that knows how to tie a tie?” she asked.

Diana Wicks
Diana Wicks needed help with her son’s tie. (Photo Credit: YouTube)

The unique request originally confused the woman who had picked up Diana’s call on the emergency line. “I’m sorry, an officer that knows how to what, ma’am?” she asked, to which Diana said once again, “Tie a tie.” Finally realizing the woman had come to the police station hoping to get help with adding the finishing touches on her son’s outfit, the employee who answered the call asked her coworkers if anyone knew how to tie the knot.

Luckily, Hannah Mesh, a newly trained 911 call-taker, came to the rescue. Hannah knew just what to do and decided to step in to help. She would soon learn that the Florida mom was simply trying to help her son look nice for an upcoming wedding when she ran into the unusual problem. Diana didn’t know how to tie a tie, and she didn’t want to let her son down as he planned to attend his goddaughter’s wedding during the upcoming weekend.

Diana Wicks
Hannah Mesh was happy to help Diana Wicks with her request. (Photo Credit: Screen capture/WCJB)

“I already prepared all of his clothes, ironed and everything and pants and stuff, and so only thing that was left was his tie. I said, ‘Oh my goodness how am I gonna tie this tie?'” Diana recalled, according to WCJB. Luckily for her, Hannah was on duty and willing to lend the devoted mother a hand. “I said, ‘You can tie this tie?’ and she was like, ‘Yeah,’ so she took the tie from me and put it around her neck and she tied it. I said, ‘Oh my goodness, I am so happy, y’all make my day,'” a grateful Diana Wicks said.

The Florida mom wasn’t the only one who had her day made from the encounter, though. When her son found out, he was in disbelief and got a good laugh. The dispatchers enjoyed the unusual chain of events too. “That small task throughout our entire day made my day and a lot of my coworkers’ days,” Hannah Mesh admitted. “It made us thankful that there’s still people like her out there.”

While some have criticized the mom for “misusing” police resources, it’s important to note that she did not call 911, as some reports seem to indicate. She pushed the call button outside the sheriff’s office, which connected her to a call center. She did not attempt to disrupt emergency services for a tie. She went to the local department, hoping someone had a minute to help. Hannah did. And, as they say, all is well that ends well.

When Diana Wicks didn’t know where else to turn, she knew she could count on her local sheriff’s department. She didn’t hesitate to head to their office and was hopeful that someone would have a second to lend her a hand. Hannah Mesh came through, and a positive connection was made between law enforcement and a local family. That’s a happy ending we should celebrate, not criticize.

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