VIDEO: Dad Finds Horrifically Beaten Baby In Trash, Then Sees What Abuser Did Next

The father of an 11-month-old made a gruesome discovery behind his Pennsylvania home. His baby boy had been horribly abused and thrown in the trash. With his camera rolling, the outraged dad then saw who had done this to his son, and what they were doing after throwing his kid out like garbage will further infuriate you.

David Bryant Jr Finds Horrifically Beaten Baby In The Trash
The home on Traymore Avenue in Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/YouTube)

David Bryant Jr recorded what became a viral video, featuring the moment he found his son in the trash outside a home in Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania. He recorded himself confronting his child’s abuser, and what they were seen doing after beating the boy will have you seeing red.

In the difficult-to-watch footage, Bryant first appears to be rummaging through the trash. Then, he finds what he’s looking for. His baby is sitting in an infant carrier, whimpering, with a bruised face, obviously having been abused and put outside with the garbage.

David Bryant Jr Finds Horrifically Beaten Baby In The Trash
David Bryant Jr’s son (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/YouTube)

We hear the father’s heartbreak at the sight of his infant son, who has two black eyes. Bryant starts to sob before pounding on the door of the house next to where his son was found, demanding the person responsible open up and answer for what they had done.

As his camera records, it becomes evident that Bryant believes the boy’s mother left him beaten and in the trash as he confronts the woman. As viewers watch in disbelief, things go from bad to worse. What she’s doing while her son lays outside, at night in the garbage, will make your blood boil.

The woman in the clip is the baby’s mother, 22-year-old Dalisha Salter, and in case you missed it, while her infant son was outside in the trash, after being horrifically beaten and in need of medical attention, this miscreant was more concerned about her weave.

That’s what she is seen washing in the toilet. Mind you, her baby is in the garbage. So, she was showing more care and concern for someone else’s hair that she puts on her head than her own son who she carried in her womb for nine months and birthed. Let that sink in.

David Bryant Jr Finds Horrifically Beaten Baby In The Trash
Dalisha Salter tending to her weave (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/YouTube)

According to reports, the young child’s father called the police, and the woman was charged with endangering the welfare of a child after the infant was determined to have head and face injuries. Initially, she had no clue how her child got the bruises.

“He asked how the baby got the injuries and she seemed not to know at that time. She did not give him any information,” Wilkinsburg Police Chief Ophella Coleman said, according to CBS Pittsburgh. Then, Salter came up with a story, blaming Bryant by saying he pushed a flat screen television off of a bedroom dresser and hit the 11-month-old baby.

David Bryant Jr Finds Horrifically Beaten Baby In The Trash
David Bryant Jr’s son  (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/YouTube)

However, there was a problem with her story. The child was taken to UPMC Children’s Hospital to be treated for his injuries, including bruising and bleeding wounds, according to WPXI. There, doctors discovered that “the child had suffered from multiple injuries over a period of time because you could see various forms of healing on the child’s face and head,” meaning he endured ongoing physical abuse.

The medical staff also found “a tear inside his mouth from an object being shoved with great force,” and they said the child could possibly have internal injuries as well, according to the criminal complaint. Furthermore, the injuries “were not consistent with just falling or bumping into things.” However, due to the conflicting stories, authorities had to investigate further to determine who was responsible, so both parents were arrested.

David Bryant Jr Finds Horrifically Beaten Baby In The Trash
Dalisha Salter (left), David Bryant Jr (right) (Photo Credit: Publicly released mugshots)

While it was uncertain whether both of the parents committed child abuse, it was evident one of them did. The injuries speak for themselves. As for the he-said-she-said, even if only one of them did the abusing, the other didn’t stop it. Remember, the injuries indicate this wasn’t a one-time occurrence, which is gut-wrenching to think about.

The video speaks volumes about both of these parents. While her child was hurt, the mom chose to wash her weave. The dad could also be criticized for choosing to record rather than get help right away. However, it’s possible he had already called authorities and was waiting for them to arrive.

David Bryant Jr Finds Horrifically Beaten Baby In The Trash
David Bryant Jr’s son (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/YouTube)

At least, David Bryant Jr, whose video did clear him of charges, had an excuse for any lapse in judgment. “When you hear David crying and just sobbing over his son’s condition, I think the video – as he said – speaks for itself,” said Wendy Williams, David Bryant’s attorney, according to CBS Pittsburgh. Indeed, it does. I can’t imagine that I’d be in my right mind and thinking clearly if I found my child this way.

Still, here’s some useful advice that unfortunately needs to be said in the world we live in today: If you find your child in the trash with two black eyes and other bruising to his or her head, your first step is to get the child to a hospital. Call 911 immediately. While I understand that the dad was likely trying to gather evidence against the mother, seconds matter when a baby has sustained a head injury, and the first priority is their care. Furthermore, this wasn’t the first time, so stop any abuse the second it starts. This baby is lucky to be alive.