Dan Bongino Drops ‘Nuclear Bomb’ On ‘The View’: ‘Craziest Thing’

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Dan Bongino said that he went off the “teleprompter” to drop a “nuclear bomb” on the ladies of “The View,” saying, “This is the craziest thing you’re ever going to see.”

Dan Bongino
Dan Bongino (Credit: YouTube)

Dan Bongino was on fire during his Fox News show Unfiltered. The former Secret Service agent admitted he went off the teleprompter to “drop a nuclear bomb” on The View. “You know when you really care about stuff like your kids, you really don’t need a teleprompter to talk about it,” Bongino declared. “I care about my kids and you care about your kids, and if we can’t protect our kids then what is the point of having a country?” he asked.

“See, we have this collective land mass here we call the United States,” Bongino continued. “It’s what binds us together. A bunch of collective principles embodies The Constitution. Now, we can get through all the legal language…but if it doesn’t protect the most vulnerable, i.e. my kids and your kids, then I’m not interested. Send me up to the mountains on my own, give me a shotgun to protect my own family, and I’ll be OK.”

Dan Bongino
Dan Bongino discusses The View‘s response to the Balenciaga ads scandal (Credit: Screenshot)

The former Secret Service agent then got to the heart of the matter which deals with exposing the ladies of The View and their beliefs about the Balenciaga fashion ads that sexualized children. “What happened with this Balenciaga thing,” Bongino said. “And I don’t even want to get too into the ads. They’re disgusting, and they’re gross, and you’ve heard the story a thousand times. The way they sexualized kids in these ads, and you’ve seen it,” he continued.

“The worst thing about this story is not just the ads, it was the response later,” Bongino explained. “Here is The View…this is the craziest thing you’re ever going to see. The hosts on The View, including the fake conservative, they’re blaming [the sexualized ads] on conservatives. And, then, one of them is worried about ‘the fashion choices.’ Listen to this.”

The View’s conservative cohost Alyssa Farah Griffin discusses the Balenciaga ads (Credit: Screenshot)

Bongino rolled the clip of The View. “There’s growing anti-LGBTQ sentiment right now,” co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin said. “And, how it’s being framed is portraying trans people as groomers. This is a term you’ll hear on the far right. They’re groomers. This is where you get the anti-Drag Queen stuff that we’re seeing. So, Balenciaga played right into [the far right’s] hands.” Hosts Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin readily agreed, and Faith Griffin continued. “I think it was a really bad misstep,” she added. “At a moment where it’s just kind of a dangerous time to give credence to those kinda insane takes.”

Bongino then returned to the broadcast with a look of utter disbelief on his face. “Were there like magic mushrooms involved before that segment?” he asked sarcastically. “It’s about Republicans pounce? Are you crazy?” he added. “You actually went on the air and said that in response to this disgusting ad sexualizing little kids? You actually said that on a live television show?”

“Folks, listen,” Bongino continued. “I wasn’t always in this whole media TV business. I love it and appreciate you all being here but I did this police stuff for a living before this. You ever look into the eyeballs of a kid that’s been sexually abused? You know what they look like? They look like a doll’s eyes. They don’t have any emotion. They don’t even know what just happened to them. They will never, ever, ever be the same again. It’s the kind of thing — when you see it — you can never unsee it for the rest of your life.”

Bongino went on to describe the heinous work that cops who are assigned to uncover sexual predators go through. He explained the work is so traumatizing they can only be assigned a few months at a time. “And [The View’s hosts] think this is a Republican pounce moment?” the Fox News host declared. “Then, there’s the other hosts of The View talking about how Balenciaga’s fashion choices were bad. And, then, you had this New York Times absurdity: ‘When High Fashion & QAnon Collide.’ What? QAnon? What the hell does that have to do with sexualizing kids? Are you a nut?”

“This is the kind of crap that only, only passes in the New York Times,” Dan Bongino stated. “Not only did that last person say that on The View. I’m not gonna say her name….But, if as a country, we can’t throw Democrat and Republican out for five minutes, and say, ‘Listen, our kids come first and we’re not doing this, nope, no way, not on our time,’ and roundly and soundly call this out in the loudest voice possible, and condemn everybody involved, then, there’s no point in this country at all. It’s meaningless and worthless.”

The radio host concluded the segment with this final thought. “There’s some old music from the ’90s by Rage Against The Machine,” he said. “But the end of that song is an expletive followed by ‘I won’t do as you tell me.’ Well, you tell me to stop talking about this and I’m gonna drop the expletive and say, ‘I won’t do as you tell me.’ I will not stop talking about this. It’s freaking disgusting and you should be embarrassed, and anyone defending it should be embarrassed too.”