Dan Bongino: ‘Gave Me Goosebumps For The Wrong Reasons’

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Fox News host Dan Bongino was left defending veterans and active military personnel after viewing a recruitment video that he described as so “woke” it gave him “goosebumps for all the wrong reasons.” He also explained how messing with our military is “going to get people killed.”

Dan Bongino
Dan Bongino (Credit: Screenshot)

Dan Bongino devoted time in his podcast to bringing awareness about a United States military recruitment video by comparing it to one from Russia. Most Americans remember older recruitment ads sprinkled with patriotism along with a slogan like: “Be all you can be.” However, this one was much different.

Bongino points out that this latest version by the U.S. Department of Defense is a “joke” made by the “liberals in charge,” where patriotism is replaced by “woke” lifestyle choices. The former Secret Service agent then describes the Russian recruitment ad. “Just know this, [the Russian ad] is a rough and tumble video showing some serious Russian operators who are getting ready to do violence, just like that!” he said snapping his fingers.

Image from Russian recruitment video (Credit: Screenshot)

“And then you’ll see our recruitment video,” Bongino adds, as he rolls the two videos back to back. “I’ve got goosebumps now for all the wrong reasons,” he says referring to the disparity in content between the two videos. The American recruitment ad is a cartoon showing a young girl at an ocean pier with two adult women who she describes as her “two moms.” It shows the “moms” getting married with the young girl’s voice saying she also enjoys “marching for equality.” In the end, the young girl joins the U.S. military.

Bongino shared a story about the “real American heroes” in the military he has known from his time serving in the Secret Service as he visited military bases overseas. He describes an American “Delta operator” who was meeting with President Barack Obama at Bagram Air Force Base to receive an award for his bravery and courage under fire. Obama’s staffers tried to refuse this man an audience because he was wearing his sidearm as part of his uniform. This hero gave the staffer a “stone-cold stare,” and the staffer quickly stepped aside.

Images from 2021 U.S. military recruitment video (Credit: Screenshot)

“Folks, you ever seen that stare?” Bongino asked. “That stone-cold stare? Listen, after well over 15 years of my life in law enforcement dealing with intelligence operators, military folks, SWAT operators, and police officers, you get used to that stare. This Delta operator was not to be toyed with. Stared right through me. This man was all business. [The Obama staffer] doesn’t trust this guy in front of the president of the United States with his rifle? Then, it’s all for nothing,” he continued.

“Those are the hard men and women right now on the front lines doing violence and doing things thank the Lord you’ll never have to do,” Bongino said, referring to the Delta operator. “To keep this country from being invaded by savage armies that would kill you in a minute.”

U.S. Army recruitment campaign 2019 (Credit: Screenshot)

“These are the hard men and women who take an emotional toll — there’s a natural human proclivity to not want to fight, not engage in violence,” Bongino added. “It hurts. They do this. It takes an emotional toll, having to do violence for you and me. The overwhelming majority of us have never served in the military. We’ve never been asked to do government-sponsored violence on another human being to keep this country safe from other external threats. That’s the hard reality of the world we live in,” he continued.

“Sometimes violence is the only way to solve problems when it comes to these geo-political affairs,” Bongino declared. “Liberals don’t live in that world. They live in a woke world where we’re gonna talk the Russian Army out of it with our talk of equality, and human rights marches. And pink hats, if you know what I mean. That’s not the world the Russians live in. That’s not the world the Chinese Communist Party lives in.”

“They live in a world of death, and violence is the great equalizer,” the Fox News host said. “These liberal leaders in charge of the United States right now are going to get people killed. And if you have any doubt about the horrors of having to do government-sponsored violence to another man who represents the army of another country that would like to destroy us, I’ll recommend a book for you. It’s called ‘On Killing’ by Dave Grossman. It talks about the actual damage that’s done to people by training them to kill people,” Bongino continued.

“I encourage the liberals to read that book and maybe they’ll stop pumping out videos about equality marches for our military and start pumping out videos like the Russians did highlighting the lethality of our military,” he added. “Where the message to foreign governments who will see this kind of stuff is: ‘Don’t F with us under any circumstances’…because that Delta guy staring right through me will be the guy you’re staring at too. And, you do not want to meet him.”