Gold Digger Ditches Boyfriend For Ride In Private Jet, Gets Pranked

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A somewhat mysterious rich man offered to take this girl for a ride in his private jet if she ditched her boyfriend for an evening. She agreed. She called her boyfriend, told him that she was sick, and got ready to have a fun night. Then, the mysterious rich guy dropped a bomb on her.

Coby Persin Tricked Girl Into Ditching Boyfriend & Getting On Private Jet
Coby Persin (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/YouTube)

Coby Persin, a YouTube prankster from New York City with more than 4 million subscribers to his channel, tricked a girl into ditching her boyfriend and getting on a private jet with him to fly to Miami — before teaching her a valuable lesson when he exposed her gold digger ways.

In the video, called “Private Jet Gold Digger Prank! (EXPOSED),” it all starts when the YouTube star approaches the woman at a train station and invites her out. At first, she declines. After saying that her name is Lauren, she tells him that she’s actually meeting her boyfriend.

Coby Persin Tricked Girl Into Ditching Boyfriend & Getting On Private Jet
Coby Persin gets Lauren’s Instagram handle as his friends pull up. (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/YouTube)

“Oh, you have a boyfriend? Oh, man. Right, I’m going to leave you alone, you have a good night tonight with your boyfriend. Take care,” he replies, before approaching her again and asking for her Instagram handle. He insists it’s just as “friends” and nothing more. She agrees, taking his phone, presumably to add herself to his Instagram as he asked.

That’s when things take a turn as Persin’s friend approaches in a car and tells him that their jet was leaving soon. “You have a jet?” a stunned Lauren asks, to which Coby replies, “Yeah, we’re just here on business, but we’re going to Miami and then we’re coming back here later because we have a meeting in New York.”

The jet that waits at the airport (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/YouTube)

Then, he asks her, “You want to come?” before adding, “If you want to come, I mean, you said you have something to do or whatever.” Lauren agrees, jumping in the car right there to ride with him to the airport. But, things won’t go as she was hoping at this point.

After boarding the plane, Lauren calls her boyfriend to cancel their plans, telling him that she’s sick. “It’s OK. I’m just sick a little bit. I am really in pain so… I cannot make it tonight. I am really sad too. Babe, I am so sorry. Love you, bye,” lying Lauren tells her unsuspecting boyfriend. But, things are about to take an unexpected turn.

Coby Persin listens as Lauren ditches her boyfriend. (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/YouTube)
Coby Persin Tricked Girl Into Ditching Boyfriend & Getting On Private Jet
Coby Persin tells Lauren to go outside and take his picture. (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/YouTube)

Once Lauren hangs up the phone, Coby asks for a favor. He wants Lauren to exit the jet so she can get a photo of him looking out the window before the plane takes off. “You are going to be outside, I’m going to be with my head to the window and just get like a sick pic,” Coby tells her. Of course, she agrees, but she’s about to regret it.

When Lauren is all set to take the picture, Coby yells out, telling her to back up a couple times before he drops the hammer. “I don’t do jet-diggers! You’re not coming on my jet,” he yells at a now confused Lauren who is then escorted away by airport staff, much to Coby’s and his viewer’s amusement.

“She canceled on her boyfriend to come on the jet. She’s not coming in,” a laughing Coby Persin declared to the camera after ditching the girl on the runway to teach her a lesson, as Daily Mail reported. However, not everyone agrees with Coby’s methods, and some even saw a bigger problem than a girl who would ditch her boyfriend.

In fact, the video, which has been viewed over 12 million times, has split viewers down the middle. While there are those who obviously criticized the woman for lying to her boyfriend, others who accused Coby of being a “jerk” and many said they would have got on the plane, many men included. Even still, there are those from the latter group of individuals who say Lauren crossed the line, however, when she lied.

Coby Persin Tricked Girl Into Ditching Boyfriend & Getting On Private Jet
Coby Persin on the private jet (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/YouTube)

But, then there are others who seem to think we have missed a bigger problem. It’s not Lauren’s lying that concerns them but rather the fact that she would so easily jump into a vehicle with three men whom she doesn’t know. They have a point. A very short time after being approached by Coby, Lauren is eagerly getting in an SUV with multiple male strangers. All we can say is, thank God they were only pranksters.

Perhaps, it’s a case of two wrongs don’t make a right. While Coby did seem to entrap the young woman, wowing her with his jet as he played the “just friends” card, she’s the one who chose to lie to her boyfriend, indicating she knew she was doing something wrong. Furthermore, a young woman should never get in a vehicle with people whom she barely knows, but I digress. When it comes down to it, honesty is always the best policy. Neither individual in this video was being truthful. Obviously, pranksters rarely are, but girlfriends always should be.

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