City Mocks ‘Straight Pride’ Parade, Event Organizer Makes Them Regret It

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After seeing LGBTQ Pride and rainbow flags everywhere, a man decided to apply for a permit to hold a “Straight Pride” parade. The city mocked his request, but they didn’t realize he had a backup plan prepared.

Straight Pride
When the City of Boston attempted to stifle a man’s plans for a “Straight Pride” parade, they didn’t realize it was all part of the plan. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Every year, the LGBTQ movement and its allies band together to celebrate sexual preferences other than heterosexuality. For a full month, businesses change their logos to colorful homages, raking in a hefty profit for their support of an entirely socially acceptable and insanely popular movement.

The LGBTQ members haven’t realized that this is one of the easiest and most profitable corporate decisions, being completely focused on their choice of outfits and floats for the parades that follow. While this group touts its dedication to diversity and acceptance, there’s one group that simply isn’t allowed — those who believe that taking pride in one’s sexuality isn’t brave or something to be lauded.

Straight Pride
John Hugo requested a permit to host a “Straight Pride” parade in Boston. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

John Hugo, president of the organization Super Happy Fun America, requested a permit to host a quiet, all-inclusive “Straight Pride” parade in Boston, according to Boston25 News. In the name of equality, he took the necessary legal precautions to hold the seemingly satirical event.

“There’s a ‘gay this’ and ‘trans this,’” Hugo said. “What is so offensive about a ‘straight pride’ parade?”

While the city hasn’t officially refused to offer Hugo a permit for his event, officials are doing everything in their power to stop him. At the forefront of the refusal is Mayor Marty Walsh, who has openly mocked the “straight pride” movement in favor of the LGBTQ, WBZ-TV reports. However, Hugo isn’t demonstrating against any group but is merely promoting one, just as the other Pride events do. In fact, he says that he won’t discriminate and that people of all sexual identities are welcome at his parade. Still, Walsh isn’t on board.

“Come on, I don’t know what this straight pride parade is all about. I know that we have a pride parade on Saturday and that’s what I’m going to march in,” Mayor Walsh said.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh has mocked the “Straight Pride” parade. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Despite the city’s efforts to block him from holding his event, Hugo is well-prepared. Like clockwork, Hugo told the mayor that he’s willing to “compromise.” All the city has to do is add an “S” to LGBTQ for “Straight,” fly the “Straight Pride” flag outside City Hall like they do with the rainbow flag, and give them their own week in another month to celebrate their heterosexuality. Hugo says that he’ll be happy to merge with the LGBTQ Pride parade, insisting that the city dedicate a branch for straight individuals.

“We asked to add an ‘S’ to LGBTQ for straight because that acronym gets longer every year as you know,” Hugo said. “You can be any kind of sexual orientation. They make them up by the day now, but we wanted to add straight, nothing doing.”

Mayor Walsh appears to be in an uncomfortable position, since denying Hugo a permit would undeniably be a form of discrimination but approving the request would make him a target of the LGBTQ’s disdain. As such, he hasn’t acted. However, Hugo is pushing for a decision. In fact, his supporters have even filed a discrimination complaint against the City of Boston, demanding permission to fly their “Straight Pride” flag at City Hall along with the rainbow flag.

If John Hugo’s “Straight Pride” parade isn’t approved, he says he’ll settle for the city dedicating another month to “Straight Pride” and flying their flag at the City Hall, as they do with the rainbow flag. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

While Hugo’s event is cringe-worthy, to say the least, it’s effective in pointing out the foolishness in “pride” parades. Taking pride in something you’re supposedly born with and made no effort in achieving is quite pitiable.

Some news outlets are painting the event as a cover for closeted neo-Nazism and white supremacy and are propagating a completely false reason that the majority of people aren’t supportive of a “straight pride” parade. They misleadingly fail to report that most individuals aren’t on board with either side. Most people don’t want either parade and feel that neither one should be allowed.

Straight Pride
Mayor Marty Walsh will suffer a backlash no matter what he decides. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

As it turns out, most people don’t care about where a person chooses to stick their genitalia, as long as it’s within the bounds of the law. In fact, the vast majority would rather not be aware of a person’s sexual preference, much less dedicate an entire month to taking pride in it.

Whether Hugo is serious about taking pride in heterosexuality, his efforts perfectly outline the ridiculousness and hypocrisy of pride. While everyone should and does have equal rights, taking pride in something that you haven’t earned is utterly absurd.