VIDEO: Snatching Cell Phone In Brooklyn Ends In Violent Consequences

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Stealing is a bad idea any time or place. But, are some places worse than others if you’re going to try to snatch a cell phone? That’s what two guys in Brooklyn were about to find out when they decided to grab some devices that didn’t belong to them.

Moe and Et Etayyim Snatch Cell Phones In Brooklyn for a YouTube Prank
Moe and Et Etayyim (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/YouTube)

Moe and Et Etayyim of Bay Ridge decided to target African-Americans in the poor Brooklyn, New York, neighborhood of Brownsville, making them the unsuspecting victims of a “joke” when the brothers, both in their twenties, decided to try to swipe cell phones from strangers. As part of a YouTube prank, which seems to be quite popular for today’s youth who are either “bored” or trying to become an online sensation, the pranksters headed out, with cameras rolling.

For years prior to this particular YouTube prank, the Palestinian brothers tried to make a name for themselves with videos of obnoxious practical jokes. However, this one got them more attention than they likely expected. Going viral almost immediately and drawing over a million hits, the footage generated a furious reaction, including death threats aimed at the filmmakers.

Moe and Et Etayyim Snatch Cell Phones In Brooklyn for a YouTube Prank
Moe and Et Etayyim’s YouTube prank doesn’t end well for them. (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/YouTube)

It’s obvious that the geeky duo strives for maximum agitation from their victims, who are none the wiser that they are being pranked, let alone being recorded. The Etayyim brothers have tried it all, deploying shamelessly in-your-face antics that have included everything from sliding up to subway passengers and sitting on their laps to barking ridiculous orders at fast-food workers, according to Vocativ.

However, these guys took things “to the next level” with their cell phone snatching YouTube prank, where they would grab the phone, check the time, and hand it back — but things didn’t quite go according to plan. The brothers are unsurprisingly met with hostile reactions when they try to take cell phones out of the hands of unsuspecting strangers. In fact, what happened when they put their hands on the first stranger’s phone should have told them to stop, but they didn’t.

It’s not all that shocking to learn that, when you try to steal from someone, you are likely to be met with a negative response. The video garnered strong reactions as it went viral, and the on-camera butt-kicking that the pranksters received was not the only “feedback” they got, to say the least.

On Twitter, they received death threats for their stupidity. “[G]onna keep it real, if you come to my area pranking us for youtube views you won’t make it back home. Stop f*ckin with us,” a man named Will Steel warned in one such tweet.

Moe and Et Etayyim Snatch Cell Phones In Brooklyn for a YouTube Prank
No one seemed to enjoy Moe and Et Etayyim’s YouTube prank. (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/YouTube)

The YouTube comments are just as brutal, calling the stunt racist. “[W]hy do you guys always say ‘in the hood,'” one commenter questioned. “You need to stop alienating blacks because this is what gives them a bad image. If a white guy punched you for this, people would either brush it off as ‘wow he got mad’ or ‘well the guy was taking his phone,'” the social media user further suggested.

“When a black does it, people just say typical black man,” the commenter continued. “[W]hen you call the prank ‘in the hood’ it sends signals,” they concluded.

Moe and Et Etayyim Snatch Cell Phones In Brooklyn for a YouTube Prank
One of many angry YouTube comments (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/YouTube)

Another YouTube commenter called the pair thieves and said police were contacted. “This is the very apex of stupidity,” the commenter began. “I’m as white as they come (Jewish) and I see a couple of black kids standing around (and this part is key) MINDING THEIR OWN F*CKING BUSINESS. Then someone comes up and snatches their phone (which is a felony right there) and when the black guys do what is naturally required when facing evil, everyone blames the black people for being violent ‘too fast’? Huh?” the commenter continued.

“Was their phone grabbed slowly? Is there a legal time limit before you can protect your person and property?” the commenter furthered. “If this little sh*t who thinks he’s entertaining attempted to grab my phone, I would stop him before he touched the phone, twist him up and intentionally break a few bones. Then I would catch the cameraman and temporarily (which might end up permanently) immobilize him because he has the evidence that would keep me out of prison for nearly killing his friend for attempting to rob me,” the commenter warned.

Viewers didn’t seem to feel bad for Moe and Et Etayyim (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/YouTube)

“This would all happen within five seconds and the world would be a better place. Either way, I have contacted the Brooklyn 73rd precinct and there IS an investigation and these two ARE going to prison for MULTIPLE charges of premeditated felony robbery, aggravated assault and a slew of other charges,” the commenter concluded.

Did the duo learn their lesson? That’s doubtful since the two were happily basking in their fifteen minutes of fame that this stunt, which could have got them killed, gained them. Seemingly enjoying the overnight celebrity sparked by the viral prank, Moe said, “Everyone notices me on the streets now.” As for the irate people they pranked, Moe added, “Hopefully, they liked seeing themselves beating us up.”

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