Man Rapes and Impregnates Disabled Girl, Judge Makes Example of Him

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A carer for a severely disabled child with cerebral palsy was charged after DNA evidence proved he had raped and impregnated the girl. Ultimately, his crimes were so appalling that the judge decided to make a clear-cut example of him.

(Photo Credit: Pixabay)

While caring for a 13-year-old girl with cerebral palsy, who is apparently of familial relation, 61-year-old Carlos Carrizales saw his service as a chance to take advantage of the severely disabled girl in Frostproof, Florida. Since the child couldn’t communicate or even understand his abuse, the depraved man used his time alone with the girl to inflict serious sexual abuse.

Although it’s unclear how long Carrizales’ molestation of his victim went on, the young girl eventually fell pregnant, which her mother didn’t discover until later. After carrying the baby to term, the victim gave birth to a daughter, who has the same physical and mental disabilities as her teen mother.

Carlos Carrizales
Carlos Carrizales, 61, was arrested after a child with cerebral palsy became pregnant. (Photo Credit: Polk County Sherrif’s Office)

Once the victim was confirmed as pregnant, Carrizales was arrested for the sexual abuse of the underage, disabled girl. Without hesitation, the suspect alleged that he couldn’t possibly be the father of the child’s daughter because he supposedly had never been alone with the victim, even when he changed her diapers.

Soon after the baby’s birth, a DNA test concluded that Carrizales did, in fact, impregnate the young girl. Fortunately, after a jury spent only 30 minutes coming up with a guilty verdict, the judge was determined to make an example of the rapist.

Carlos Carrizales claimed that he was never alone with the victim even when he changed her diapers. (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

According to the Daily Mail, after Carrizales was convicted of incest, sexual battery, and impregnating a child under 16, Circuit Judge William Sites granted no mercy, sentencing the pedophile to the maximum sentence of life in prison. Judge Sites sought the harshest sentence possible, pointing to Carrizales’ refusal to take responsibility or express remorse for his actions.

After hearing explicit details and damning evidence, the 6-person jury took just half an hour to deliberate before reaching a unanimous guilty verdict. Up until his sentencing, Carrizales had been placed on house arrest after posting a $100,000 bond following his arrest.

Carlos Carrizales
The judge sentenced Carlos Carrizales to life in prison for incest, rape, and impregnating a child under 16. (Photo Credit: Polk County Sherrif’s Office)

The court heard testimony that DNA evidence confirmed a 99.9-percent probability of Carrizales being the newborn’s father. The victim’s mother also testified, revealing that her daughter is so severely disabled that she cannot speak or even bathe herself, leaving her completely vulnerable to Carrizales’ attacks.

Still, Carrizales and his defense attorney argued that the DNA test had been tampered with and that he could not be the father. They insisted that he was never alone with the victim and that others were present even when he changed the girl’s diapers, The Ledger reports.

Two independent labs confirmed that DNA evidence proved Carlos Carrizales fathered the victim’s child. (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

Carrizales blamed the victim for refusing to cooperate with Polk County Sheriff’s deputies, which required the girl’s mother to collect the DNA sample herself. Defense attorney Robin Stevenson also claimed that the extracted DNA wasn’t taken to the evidence room for almost 24 hours after it was collected, which he suggested made it invalid.

“You heard that there was ample opportunity, based on the testimony of other witnesses, for the samples that were taken to be contaminated,” he told jurors. “There was no opportunity for Mr. Carrizales to commit this crime,” he said. “None, whatsoever.”

However, Assistant State Attorney Lauren Randall rejected Carrizales’ claims, reminding the jury that there were multiple DNA tests which all arrived at the conclusion that he is the father. She explained that two independent labs tested the DNA and found that the outcome was the same.

“The bulk of the corroborating evidence in this case is the DNA,” she said. “It is strong, it is secure, it is something you can feel confident in resting your conviction on. It does not waiver, it does not vacillate. This is a rooted, solid piece of evidence that goes to the defendant’s guilt.”

Carlos Carrizales
The victim does not understand that the child, who has the same physical and mental disabilities, is her daughter. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Although the victim gave birth to her daughter, who is now 2 years old, she doesn’t understand who the child is. Both she and her innocent child will require round-the-clock care and will likely never fathom their relationship.

Of dozens of family members and friends who had come into contact with the victim, only Carrizales’ DNA was a match. Still, he remains defiant, claiming that he is the victim of a conspiracy carried out by both the victim’s mother and the investigators. Criminals like Carrizales should never be released from prison as long as they live and, hopefully, the judge’s sentence has ensured he never will be.