Boy Awoken By ‘Nice’ Lady ‘Groaning’ Outside, Adults Watch Her Struggle

Not long before a boy was set to wake up for the daily third-grade grind, he was awoken by “groaning noises” outside his bedroom window. The curious and confused child instinctively investigated the sounds, and that’s when he got mad.

Caleb Hunt probably thought the worst of his day would be a pop quiz or a rude classmate at Carolyn Lewis Elementary in Conway, Arkansas. But in an instant, the 8-year-old boy became a hero after what he did for 81-year-old Sue Watson who lived across the street.

Sue had always been a “very nice” lady who always brought treats for Caleb and his 6-year-old sister, Hannah, on special occasions, and he woke from his slumber when he heard his elderly neighbor struggling and calling out for help. “It was a groaning noise calling for help and I looked out the window and she was on the ground in the garage,” he said.

Caleb Hunt
Sue Watson (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Sue Watson had gone outside to take out the trash, and as she headed back into her home, she took a nasty spill in the garage, which resulted in a broken hip and a dislocated shoulder. She was lying helpless in her garage for some time, despite the garage door being open and many people passing her home.

Caleb Hunt didn’t like what he saw. None of the people driving by noticed the struggling woman. Someone should have stopped to help his elderly neighbor, who his family knew well. “At first I got mad and started feeling like I should run over there,” Caleb said. He realized what he needed to do, even if it meant breaking the rules.

Caleb Hunt
Caleb Hunt (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Caleb was supposed to always report to his parents before leaving the house, but that morning, he knew that he had to act fast to save this injured woman’s life. Taking the chance of being punished for not waking his parents to inform them he was going outside, Caleb ran barefoot to Sue’s rescue. After realizing the severity of her injuries, he bolted back to his house to tell his mom to call 911.

Help arrived, and Sue was taken to the hospital. But, Caleb’s good deed didn’t end with him saving her life. He went to the hospital with his mom and sister to visit his neighbor as she was recovering. Caleb let her know that she didn’t need to worry about her garbage. “We went to the hospital and I told her I would take the trash out,” he said.

Caleb Hunt
Tom Watson (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Sue Watson’s son was quick to give credit to the brave little boy, acknowledging Caleb’s superhero status for saving an elderly woman when nobody else paid attention. “Very fortunate that he was aware something different was going on,” said Tom Watson, the fall victim’s son. “Absolutely he’s a hero. I mean any young kid that takes the time to help others period, especially someone in stress like that.”

Caleb’s parents say they’ve always known he was a special kid with a caring attitude. They should be proud that they taught him compassion for others and to go above and beyond to help another person. Caleb is a gem among a generation of kids who would rather think about themselves and what people can do for them, rather than how they can be a help to others. “Do not be slow to help,” Caleb advised with a grin. “Even if it means breaking a house rule.”