Mom Records Herself ‘Torturing’ Sleeping Baby, Doesn’t End Well

A mother left social media users horrified as she filmed herself getting “payback” against her sleeping baby. Throughout the disturbing video, the infant struggled to get away from her mom’s cruel torture as the abuser cackled menacingly. But, she’s not laughing anymore after things certainly didn’t end well.

Caitlyn Alyse Hardy
The now-deleted profile of Caitlyn Alyse Hardy (Photo Credit: Facebook/Heavy)

Caitlyn Alyse Hardy might be 33 years old, but she’s got a lot of growing up to do. The immature South Carolina mother apparently couldn’t handle the sight of her 9-month-old child sleeping after the infant kept her up at night. So, she decided to get payback. Thinking it was funny, she recorded the ordeal, but viewers were far from amused.

In the footage, which Hardy proudly posted to social media for her friends and family to see, she approaches her daughter, who’s sleeping in a crib. As the unsuspecting baby girl is blissfully unaware and enjoying a silent slumber, the mother raises a plastic water bottle over her head. She then dumps it over the sleeping infant, soaking her face, as Hardy sadistically torments her own child, not once but twice.

“Payback for waking me up all kinda times of da night,” Hardy captioned the video, along with three “crying with laughter” emojis. Perhaps most disturbing, though, is the mother’s cackling as she watches her own daughter struggle to escape the unusual torture. Seeing her child wake and cough, after obviously inhaling some of the water into her tiny airway, was apparently pretty funny to Hardy at the time, but she’s no longer laughing after things didn’t end well.

The vengeful mother posted the video with a privacy setting, thinking only her Facebook friends would see it. She would find out the hard way, however, that nothing on the internet is private after a concerned social media user contacted the Facebook page “Where is baby Kate?

Caitlyn Alyse Hardy
The post that Caitlyn Alyse Hardy made. (Photo Credit: Facebook/Daily Mail)

Focusing on bringing awareness to child abuse and exposing child abusers, the page is dedicated to Kate Phillips, who was killed by her father in 2016 and whose body was never found. When administrators were told about Hardy’s clip, they asked the concerned follower to take a video of the post. Thankfully, they captured it within seconds of being asked because no sooner it was recorded, the mother took her post down. But, the copy was posted to the page, and it went viral.

The Dalzell, South Carolina, resident deleted her Facebook page and other social media, but it was too little too late. Concerned viewers had called the cops. Shortly after police were alerted, a warrant was issued for Caitlyn Alyse Hardy’s arrest, accusing her of “ill-treatment” that caused “unnecessary pain and suffering” for the baby girl, according to Daily Mail. The mother, of course, said it was just a “joke,” Heavy reported.

Caitlyn Alyse Hardy was taken into custody and charged with child cruelty, the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office said in a press release. The county Social Services Department was also notified to investigate further. There were four children, including the nine-month-old infant, residing in the home at the time of the incident, WIS-TV reported. According to Heavy, all of the children are girls and belong to Hardy.

After the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office confirmed it was Hardy who recorded herself pouring the water bottle over her daughter’s face and posted it on Facebook, Sumter County Sheriff Anthony Dennis said, “The charge against this defendant will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.” The sheriff’s office also thanked the public for providing the tips that led to Hardy’s arrest, the importance of which can’t be understated and was also addressed by an administrator of the “Where is baby Kate?” Facebook page.

Caitlyn Alyse Hardy
Caitlyn Alyse Hardy (Photo Credit: Sumter County Sheriff)

“I cannot express enough how important it is to take videos and download pics of child abuse that are posted to FB,” the admin wrote. “As soon as the poster knows people have an issue with what they posted they will take it down. These things are very important to have if we want to help these babies. I would also like to tell you ALL how appreciated you are. It takes ALL of us to help save these babies.”

Indeed, when you see a questionable video and don’t know whether to report it, remember that this is what the parent or person responsible is willing to show their friends and family. If this is what they do in the public eye, you have to wonder what goes on “behind closed doors” when no one is “watching.”