Mother Murders All 3 Sons, Tells Judge She Feared How They’d ‘Grow Up’

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Authorities were horrified to discover that a woman had murdered all 3 of her little boys when she callously confessed her crimes investigators. She told the court that she had to kill her children because she feared how they would “grow up.”

Brittany Pilkington Mother Murders All 3 Sons Tells Judge She Feared How They Grow Up
Brittany Pilkington (center) gave a disturbing reason for murdering her 3 sons. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

While on trial for the triple-murder of her children, Brittany Pilkington seemed to show little emotion as the judge pronounced her sentence. The 27-year-old Ohio mother sat amid a team of lawyers, staring blankly as the court heard every sordid detail of her children’s short time on earth as well as her own disturbing childhood.

In the weeks leading up to her sentence, prosecutors told the courtroom of her young children’s last moments alive. First, she killed baby Niall, whom she conceived when she was only 17. Nearly a year later, she murdered 4-year-old Gavin without authorities suspecting any crime had occurred. Just 4 months later, she smothered to death 3-month-old Noah.

Brittany Pilkington Mother Murders All 3 Sons Tells Judge She Feared How They Grow Up
Brittany Pilkington killed Niall (right), 4-year-old Gavin (center), and 3-month-old Noah (left). (Photo Credit: Provided)

Although investigators didn’t initially suspect Pilkington of foul play, she confessed to murder when her third son was found dead. After post-mortem testing ruled out any genetic factors in their deaths, she was charged with killing all 3 of her boys. However, it was her motive for the slayings that authorities had trouble digesting.

According to The Daily Wire, Pilkington confessed to murdering her innocent sons because she feared that “the boys would grow up to abuse women.” However, prosecutors say that jealousy may have also been a factor, as she apparently felt that her husband gave more attention to their sons but not to her or their daughter, who survived her siblings.

Judge Mark Connor sentenced Brittany Pilkington to 37 years to life in prison. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

The court sentenced Pilkington to 15 years to life for each of the 2 murder counts and 7 years for involuntary manslaughter. The judge ordered the prison terms to be carried out consecutively, ensuring that she will serve 37 years to life in prison. However, Pilkington wasn’t the only one held accountable for their crimes.

The Daily Mail reports that the convicted murderer’s husband and father to the deceased children, Joseph Pilkington, has pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of sexual imposition for having sexual intercourse with the young mother when they were underage and unmarried. Joseph had been in a relationship with Pilkington’s mother and had acted as a step-father to the 17-year-old girl before forming a sexual relationship with her and impregnating her.

Husband of the convicted and father to the deceased children, Joseph Pilkington was charged with having sex with Brittany Pilkington when she was underage. (Photo Credit: Ohio Attorney General)

Pilkington’s defense team made a case for her concerning her traumatic upbringing. As a child, a brain scan confirmed that she had suffered brain damage after lead poisoning and years of physical and sexual abuse, attorney Kort Gatterdam explained.

“Sadly, she´s safer living a better life in jail than on the outside,” Gatterdam said, calling his client “irreparably damaged.”

Disturbingly, Pilkington’s third son, Noah, had been removed from her custody after emergency responders managed to resuscitate the infant after he reportedly stopped breathing. Just 6 days later, the court returned him to his mother, sealing his fate.

Brittany Pilkington Mother Murders All 3 Sons Tells Judge She Feared How They Grow Up
Brittany Pilkington (left) and Joseph Pilkington (right) now only have one surviving daughter. (Photo Credit: Logan County Jail)

Pilkington’s indictment initially called for the death penalty. However, a state expert advised that the penalty “was not appropriate” after the defense successfully argued that she suffers “mental defects” stemming from physical and psychological abuse in her childhood.

So many people failed these children, especially Noah, who had survived a possible first murder attempt by his mother only to be returned to her and subsequently smothered to death. Thankfully, this woman will remain in prison at least until she is unable to have any more children to endanger.

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