Doctors Sent Girl Home To Die, She Suddenly Wakes Healed & Speaking A Message

Doctors said there was nothing else they could do for a sick little girl and suggested her parents take her home to pass away peacefully. When they did, she suddenly woke up and began to speak after not saying a word for over a year. She was healed, and she had a message. As she uttered one word over and over, her mother knew.

Brittany Bakenhaster
Brittany Bakenhaster (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Brittany Bakenhaster was full of life at 3 years old until everything changed one morning when her mother Jamie heard a strange noise coming from Brittany’s room. “It was a biting and almost choking noise. Like a gurgling, can’t breathe, struggling,” Jamie recalled. “I ran to her. I immediately picked her up and said, ‘Oh, God, touch her.'”

Brittany was rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with epilepsy, a seizure disorder her mother had as well. Sadly, Brittany’s experience would be nothing like Jamie’s condition, which was controlled with medicine. Regardless of the many medications doctors tried, Brittany’s seizures only got worse, requiring her to wear a helmet to prevent injury.

Jamie found her daughter Brittany Bakenhaster seizing. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)
Brittany Bakenhaster
Brittany Bakenhaster had to wear a helmet as her seizures worsened. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

The family was devastated physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally with Jamie blaming herself for giving her daughter this sickness. They were taking a financial beating as well. “One bottle of medication would cost $50, and we couldn’t afford it,” Jamie recalled, with Brittany’s dad Bruce adding that Brittany needed 24-hour care as she continued to seize both day and night.

The constant seizures were taking a toll on Brittany too, eventually leaving her unable to sit up or respond to her name. She didn’t focus or look at her parents. It was as if she was “totally gone,” Jamie said. With Brittany’s condition so poor, her parents turned to God’s word to find comfort. There, Jamie said the Lord gave her promise in Psalm 37:4, 5.

With Brittany Bakenhaster ill, her parents turned to the word of God for comfort. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)
In God’s word, Jamie Bakenhaster found a promise. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

“He said, ‘Delight thyself also in the Lord and He shall give thee the desires of thine heart. God said, ‘Don’t look at what you see, look at what you don’t see. Tell me and speak what you want,'” Jamie explained. After reading those words, Jamie drove down the road and ended up at a school playground.

“That’s what I want,” Jamie told God. “I want my little girl back, normal, like those kids I see that are running and playing.” Jamie says that she felt God respond, telling her that her desires would come to pass, but things only appeared to get worse for Brittany, who was then 5 years old.

Brittany Bakenhaster
Brittany Bakenhaster (Photo Credit: Screenshot)
Brittany Bakenhaster
Believing God’s promise, Jamie prayed over Brittany. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

After a three-week stay in the hospital, doctors told Jamie and Bruce there was nothing else they could do for Brittany. “They ran one more brainwave, and they said, ‘Her whole brain is seizuring, so we can’t even take out that part of her brain or put a shunt in to help her; there’s nothing else we can do,'” Jamie recalled.

The grief-stricken parents were told to take their daughter home where she could peacefully pass away in her own bed. “I knew she was close to death. But, I thought, ‘Lord, you said you would bring it to pass,'” Jamie said. Unwilling to give up, Jamie spent a sleepless night praying for Brittany’s recovery. In the morning, she received an answer to those prayers.

After not responding or talking to Jamie at all for a year, Brittany began to speak. “She kept saying, ‘Jesus, Jesus.’ And, I could tell from the look on her face” that she was healed, Jamie said. She knew something else too. Brittany had encountered Christ.

“She could look at me and describe Jesus, with eyes like fire and the bright lights and the angels; who could tell a five-year-old child that?” Jamie asked. Indeed, Brittany had encountered a miracle that even medical professionals couldn’t ignore.

Jamie Bakenhaster’s prayers were answered. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)
Brittany Bakenhaster
Brittany Bakenhaster (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

“They just looked at her and they said the same thing, that they saw the healing in her eyes,” Jamie said. “They just knew. One of the nurses said, ‘It’s a higher power.’ And, I said, ‘Yes, it’s Jesus. He healed her.” Jesus would soon heal Jamie, too.

Brittany went on to college, studying to become a psychologist, but she never forgot her encounter with Jesus. “The glory of God shone all around Him and angels were all around Him, in front, behind, everywhere,” Brittany said. “You just felt so peaceful, so at ease. All I can say is there’s nothing like it and I’ve never experienced anything like it on this earth.”

Brittany Bakenhaster
Jamie and Brittany Bakenhaster (Photo Credit: Screenshot)
Jamie Bakenhaster shares her testimony (Photo Credit: Facebook)
Brittany Bakenhaster
Jamie shares how she and Brittany Bakenhaster were healed (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Brittany Bakenhaster wasn’t the only one in the family to experience the healing of Jesus Christ, though. A couple of months after her miraculous recovery, Jamie suffered headaches that got stronger when she took her medication. Initially, her doctor thought it was just stress, but her neurologist performed an EEG that pointed to something much different.

“He said, ‘A miracle has taken place. Your brainwave’s now clear. Would you like to come off your medicine?’ And sure enough, I did. I have been seizure free and drug-free for 18 years,” Jamie said beaming, with both mother and daughter completely healthy. “I had heard from God. And, God kept his promise. And, He will. And, He does.”