Brides Blasted For ‘Inappropriate’ Dresses, Did They Show Too Much?

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A spirited debate surrounding a few bold brides and their risqué wedding dresses has ensued, leaving many people divided. So, what do you think? Are these wedding dresses too “inappropriate” for a walk down the aisle with your friends and family watching?

Inappropriate Wedding Dress
Image for the purpose of visual representation. (Photo Credit: Pexels)

A Mumsnet user has taken to the popular parenting site to reveal their strong dislike of another woman’s wedding dress. The user posted on the site after feeling “quite shocked” when they saw an image of the bride on Facebook. The user asked other parents whether it is “appropriate to wear a very very low cut wedding dress?”

“A friend has posted photos of a wedding she went to yesterday,” the user explained. “When I saw photos of the bride, I actually felt quite shocked. Her wedding dress was so low cut you could actually see part of her nipples. She was bursting out of the dress and it looked about 3 sizes too small.”

“It was a church wedding, and I feel it was really inappropriate to wear such a dress,” added the user, who posted using the handle “mydogisthebest.” She concluded,  “A non-church wedding would not have been so bad, although the dress would still have looked tacky.”

According to The Sun, the post has caused quite the debate and has since divided other Mumsnet users. Some said that the bride should be able to wear “what she wishes.” One shocked parent commented, “So, at a wedding you weren’t invited to, a bride you don’t know, wore a dress you didn’t like enough for you to to take the time to complain about it. Out of curiosity, what’s next on your to do list this weekend?”

Inappropriate Wedding Dress
Image for the purpose of visual representation. (Photo Credit: Pexels)

Another wrote, “It’s not what I would’ve gone for, but if she was happy and felt good in it, then power to her. She can wear what she wants, not hurting anyone is she?”

Others, however, took the opposite stance, with many believing such a low-cut dress is simply “inappropriate” for a church wedding, as showing so much skin is considered disrespectful in a place of worship. One user commented, “My wedding dress had sleeves and a sweetheart but not low cut neckline. I wouldn’t have bare shoulders in church.”

“Very low cut dresses are APPALLING for a church wedding — it may be just a venue to some people, but to others, the church is a place of worship and should be treated with respect,” seconded someone else.

Where do you stand on this debate? Should brides maintain some level of modesty on their big day, especially if they are married in a church? Or should they be able to wear whatever the heck they want without anyone passing judgment?

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