Woman Goes To McDonald’s For Ice Cream, Gets Nasty Surprise

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When a woman had an urge for some late-night ice cream, she headed to a nearby McDonald’s drive-thru and placed her order. All seemed well until the staffer handed the customer her cup, which contained a nasty surprise.

Brandy McRoy
Brandy McRoy (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Like most of us, Brandy McRoy probably knew that ordering ice cream at a McDonald’s is often a gamble. The fast-food giant has become infamous for its malfunctioning ice cream machines. Luckily for McRoy, however, she came upon a location with a working ice cream machine when she got a late-night craving for the chilly snack. Sadly, she would never get a taste of the cold deliciousness, having received a nasty surprise in her cup instead of the treat she had wanted.

It was approximately 2 am when McRoy pulled up to the McDonald’s drive-thru and placed her ice cream order. Nothing seemed amiss as she was told to proceed to the drive-thru window, but that’s where things went sideways. Instead of a delicious vanilla cone, the McDonald’s staffer handed Brandy McRoy a cup, and its contents shocked her so much that she immediately headed to TikTok to voice her displeasure.


“Yall wrong for this McDonald’s,” Brandy McRoy wrote in the caption of the video featuring the nasty little surprise she was given. “Tell me why I came to McDonald’s and asked for ice cream at 2:03 in the morning,” the disappointed diner is heard saying in the footage. “He gave me ice and cream,” she griped as she held the cup for viewers to see.

Rather than a cup of silky, sweet soft serve, McRoy’s cup contained the not-so-tasty treat of plain ice with a few individually packaged coffee creamers resting on top—literally ice and cream, not ice cream. When you’re expecting a rich, creamy, sugary treat, what McRoy got instead was downright nasty and sure to disappoint rather than satisfy her craving. So, it was easy to understand her upset.

Brandy McRoy
When Brandy McRoy ordered ice cream from McDonald’s, she wasn’t expecting this. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Although it’s unclear whether the McDonald’s staffer charged Brandy McRoy for the contents of the cup, most people responding to the video felt that it was an obvious prank, while others just had fun with it, cracking jokes of their own in the comments.

“He just wanted yall to laugh,” one viewer suggested.

“Oh so McDonald[‘s] workers got JOKES,” another laughed, amused by the apparent lighthearted stunt.

“He rolling,” another commented.

“Is he drunk or [are] you ?!” another teased.

“Dude was creative [with] it, he’s going places,” one commenter chuckled.

“Well, you gotta be specific [about] what type of ice cream you want,” one seemingly unsympathetic viewer sneered.

Of course, there were plenty of viewers who couldn’t miss the opportunity to blast the fast-food chain over their frequently non-functioning ice cream machines, and for good reason.

“Ice cream machine probably been down so long he confused,” one commenter wrote.

Another suggested, “He said here make it ya damn self.”

“Y’all [are] wrong for going to McDonald’s thinking the ice cream machine was actually working,” yet another scolded.

Some gave Brandy McRoy a hard time, saying she should have known better because McDonald’s is known for their ice cream machine “being down.” (Photo Credit: Pixabay stock image for visual representation only)

As previously said, McDonald’s is becoming better known for its malfunctioning ice cream machines than its Big Macs and fries. It has become so bad that an app called “McBroken” was rolled out by frustrated foodies in October 2020. According to the NY Post, “The digital directory offers chowhounds an automated account of which Golden Arches huts actually have the creamy, cold stuff on tap.” Although app creator Rashiq Zahid said he “just made it for fun,” the app took off upon its debut.

As for those who noticed the upside-down McDonald’s logo on Brandy Mcroy’s cup, the clip was captured during the “WcDonald’s” campaign when McDonald’s “adopted a ‘W’ as its new emblem as a nod to the art of manga and anime,” the Post explained. The artful rebrand included “limited-edition packaging, a new sauce, and a series of WcDonald’s anime shorts.”

Brandy McRoy wasn’t McLovin’ her nasty surprise. (Photo Credit: Pixabay stock image for visual representation only)

Ironically, according to Tariq Hassan, Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer at McDonald’s USA, the WcDonald’s campaign celebrates creativity, which this McDonald’s staffer seemingly displayed when filling Brandy McRoy’s “ice cream” order. We can only hope that it was a joke and not a serious attempt to fulfill the woman’s request.

However, with the way things seem to be headed in the service industries, we can only wonder. Further fueling suspicions that this might not have been an intentional prank were many commenters who shared their own bizarre order mishaps in which they didn’t get what they had actually ordered. So, what do you think? Was this an attempt at being “punny” or just blatant idiocracy on display?