WATCH: Three Idiots In A Boat Mess With Enormous Anaconda — Huge Mistake

We’ve all seen the warning, “Don’t Feed The Animals.” Well, how about “Don’t grab a giant snake by the tail”? Yeah, you shouldn’t have to say some things, but there are people who insist on learning things the hard way, like the three idiots in a boat who decided to mess with an enormous anaconda. They realized their huge mistake way too late.

Three Idiots In A Boat Mess With Enormous Anaconda — Huge Mistake
A man grabs the anaconda by the tail. (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/YouTube)

An anaconda isn’t a toy. While most of us know this and wouldn’t be able to get away from such a beast fast enough, when few people in a boat happened upon a monstrous snake in a jungle river in Brazil, these geniuses had a much different idea. They decided they were going to play with the monstrous behemoth, and of course, they were going to catch it all on camera.

After the three Brazilians spotted the giant anaconda while on the Santa Maria River in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, the fishermen decided it would be a good idea to use a wooden oar to poke the enormous snake, which had been trying to conceal itself in the overhang after having just consumed an apparently very large meal.

Three Idiots In A Boat Mess With Enormous Anaconda — Huge Mistake
The huge belly bulge indicates this anaconda recently ate. (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/YouTube)

“Leave it! Oh my god!” yells a hysterical woman in Portuguese as a man, later determined to be her husband, continues to torment the reptile. Leaving it alone would have been a good idea, but these guys continue to agitate the animal as one of the men grabs the beast by the tail, pulling it out into the open.

The serpent, which had just eaten a large meal when the boaters happened upon it and decided to harass the animal, has massive swelling in its midsection. After prodding the reptile with the boat oar as the driver maneuvered the small boat with an engine, the guys decide to pull the reptile out into the open not once but twice. However, their fun would be short-lived.

It doesn’t take a genius to realize this isn’t a good idea, but these fools took it from bad to worse when the cameras finished rolling. One of the members of the group, later identified as Sirlei Oliveira, apparently took the video footage and posted it on Facebook — big mistake.

In fact, a bonus video was uploaded to YouTube which explains just how dumb these people were, detailing the problem with what these idiots did to the serpent, which was identified as a yellow anaconda — or “sucuri,” as it’s known in Brazil. Shockingly, it is one of the smallest cousins in the family of ginormous South American snakes.

Thanks to social media, the fools incriminated themselves, harassing protected wildlife, and they weren’t about to get away with it. Environmental police fined the three Brazilians the equivalent of $600 each for their actions, according to Reptiles Magazine.

Daily Mail, which translated an article that first appeared in O Correio News, explains that the group, consisting of Sirlei Oliveira, her husband Betinho Borges, and friend Rodrigo Santos, were all on a boat together when they spotted the snake, which they estimated to be about 17 feet in length, and captured the footage that landed them in hot water.

Three Idiots In A Boat Mess With Enormous Anaconda — Huge Mistake
Betinho Borges learned the hard way that it’s not smart to grab an anaconda by the tail. (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/YouTube)

Betinho Borges was the one who began prodding the reptile with an oar as Rodrigo Santos drove the boat. Borges is also the one who grabbed the snake by the tail as Santos put the boat in reverse to pull it out into the center of the river. After it got away the first time, Borges grabbed it the second time before ultimately letting the serpent go.

The obvious, huge bulge in the snake’s belly hindered its ability to escape the group of tormentors, but they weren’t so lucky when it came to escaping justice. In addition to their fines, they were also charged with a crime, facing up to a year and a half in jail if convicted under an environmental law that prohibits the chasing or hunting of wildlife without a license.

Three Idiots In A Boat Mess With Enormous Anaconda — Huge Mistake
The anaconda was estimated to be 17 feet long. (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/YouTube)

Those involved claim they had no malice and just wanted to show how nature is and how the animal behaves. “There was guilt, yes, negligence and recklessness, but not intent,” their lawyer said. However, much like our justice system in America, the state’s environmental police say that being ignorant of the law isn’t an excuse.

Major Edmilson Queiroz, the state’s environmental police, further explained, “The animal’s place is to be quiet in nature, and a man’s place is to be quiet in his corner, each one playing their role in nature.” Queiroz added, “Don’t expose the animals to this as if it’s a good thing.” He said, “This attitude is unnecessary — to try to promote yourself at the expense of the animal.”

Whether or not you agree that a crime was committed, that sounds like pretty sound advice. When in doubt of the law, especially if we’re talking about something that could kill you, leave it alone. If you truly want to observe nature, do that. We see with our eyes, not with our hands.