Influencer Cries ‘Discrimination’ For Struggling To Fit In Airplane

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One plus-size TikTok influencer, who goes by the name Big Curvy Olivia, took to social media to illustrate how her large physique struggled to fit into an airplane. “Honestly, it’s discrimination,” she claimed. That’s when she got a brutal reality check she didn’t see coming.

TikTok influencer Big Curvy Olivia (Credit: Screenshot)

Plus-size TikTok influencer Big Curvy Olivia is arguing that airlines should make plane aisles wider to accommodate larger passengers. She called the current layout “discrimination,” the New York Post reported.

Big Curvy Olivia shared a video showing herself struggling to traverse a United Airlines plane, having to turn sideways as she walked past the rows of seats. “Honestly, it’s discrimination that they can’t build wider aisles in airplanes 2023,” she wrote in the clip, which has landed over 700,000 views.

United Airlines plane (Credit: YouTube)

According to The Blaze, even as Big Curvy Olivia manages to move forward, her hips and abdomen repeatedly slam into seats and armrests on either side of her. The aisle was clearly not designed to accommodate someone of her size, and Olivia claimed that it is yet another example of “discrimination” against the obese.

According to a subsequent video, once she arrived at her destination, Big Curvy Olivia decided to soothe herself after all the shame and humiliation she suffered on account of the firm structure of an aircraft that likely cost hundreds of millions of dollars to build, Outkick reported. So she upgraded her bungalow accommodations, donned a swimsuit, and jumped cannonball-style into “a private pool.”

Big Curvy Olivia jumping into the pool (Credit: Screenshot)

The video of her pool jump is so unflattering to Big Curvy Olivia that OutKick senior content director Joe Kinsey joked that she jumped “into the tiniest bungalow pool you’re ever going to see BCO jump into. She made it look like a hot tub on a suburban patio.”

Shortly after the post went viral, Big Curvy Olivia apparently disabled her videos for a period of time. However, it might have been the backlash she received from social media users who gave her a brutal reality check that led to her decision to hide her viral posts.

“Those aisles are plenty wide, I’ve seen people squeeze past flight attendants carrying drinks during boarding,” wrote one TikTok user.

“The problem is not the aisles…” wrote another. ”

I’m surprised you’re not complaining about the size of the pool,” yet another user said.

“Got a problem with it, don’t fly,” one TikToker snarked.

“How is that discrimination?” another wondered.

“Real talk though they should be accommodating for tall people,” a user quipped.

“Wider aisles mean less seats. And they would be cutting into profits to accommodate the super-sized,” one person wrote. “That wouldn’t make sense.”

Popular YouTuber Tim Pool weighed in on Big Curvy Olivia’s attitude, which he claimed is one of “entitlement” coming from the younger generation. “The idea that the entire airline industry must be reshaped because you won’t stop eating is insane, ” he said. That might sound harsh, but it’s also true.

“And this is what is going wrong in our society. You are not entitled to whatever you want,” he added. “You are granted access by privilege and permission from someone who has done the work. We’re not just talking about Communism we’re talking about gluttonous Communism. The ideology of these young people, the ideology, and if the Communist stuff does happen, well the problem will solve itself because she’ll lose a lot of weight when there’s no food.”