Parents Say Christian Daughter Being Bullied, Principal Has Bad Solution

After a Christian fifth-grader told her parents that she was being bullied, they immediately went to the school to report the incident. However, as soon as they told the principal what happened, he came up with an outrageous solution to end the problem.

Berlin Mayor Michael Müller
The mother explained that classmates bullied her daughter for being blonde and Christian. (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

When German parents discovered that their fifth-grade daughter was being bullied by a group of Muslim girls, they immediately headed to the Frankfurt school to report the abuse. They explained to the school’s headmaster that the girl had become a target of the group’s wrath because she has blonde hair, a German-Hebrew name, and is a Christian.

Once they disclosed their concerns and the inexcusable abuse to the principal, they expected that some sort of a resolution would be reached. Unfortunately, what they received was perhaps the most disturbing suggestion they could’ve imagined.

Berlin Mayor Michael Müller
The principal suggested that the parents tell their daughter to pretend not to be German and to wear a headscarf to avoid being bullied. (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

According to German newspaper BILD, the principal dismissed their child’s suffering and suggested that they make her wear a hijab and tell her to pretend not to be German in order to no longer be bullied by the Muslim students. Expectedly, the child’s parents, who refused to be named for fear of their children’s safety, were shocked and appalled by the headmaster’s answer and voiced their outrage to the media.

“The headmaster just said, ‘Your daughter does not have to say that she is German. Besides, you can give her a headscarf,'” the mother said.

She explained that her daughter had become the target of verbal and physical religious bullying by her Muslim peers because of her Christian faith. The Muslim children allegedly even began attacking the girl outside of the schoolyard, leaving her parents no choice but to report the abuse.

“My daughter was massively bullied in her new school in Frankfurt, mainly by Muslim girls, so we had to take her out of school for protection,” the mother said. “The reason — she has blonde hair, no headscarf, has a German-Hebrew name, and we are Christians! My daughter had a nervous breakdown in fifth grade. She was crying and terrified to go to school. She was beaten and verbally attacked on the way to school.”

Berlin Mayor Michael Müller
The parents had no choice but to remove their daughter from the school. (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

After receiving no help from the principal, the parents decided to pull their daughter out of the school, fearing for her mental and physical safety. The school still has not responded to inquiries from the media, Breitbart reports.

“We’ve changed school now and luckily things are going better now,” the mother explained.

Once news of the bullying spread, Berlin Mayor Michael Müller addressed parents’ concerns. He explained that the incident “was hopefully only an isolated case,” but he refused to comment further. Sadly, the mayor’s hopes are ignorantly misplaced, as many parents have reported similar incidents throughout Germany.

Berlin Mayor Michael Müller
Parents and teachers across Germany have reported a rise in religious bullying. (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

In one case in Bavaria, a German father reported that his son and daughter told him that a Muslim student threatened to cut off their heads because they are Christians. In Bonn, a mother explained that Muslim classmates warned her daughter that “your parents will burn in hell if they do not believe in Allah.”

The case has sparked outrage throughout Germany and sheds light on the growing threat of bullying in public schools. However, the mainstream media mostly avoids these stories out of fear of offending anyone. Like this blonde, Christian child was warned, victims are routinely told to appease their bullies in order to avoid further abuse.