Barbie Look-Alike Realizes She Looks Dumb, Gets Dramatic Makeover

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After realizing she didn’t look as good as she thought she did and actually coming to the conclusion that her appearance was dumb, a wannabe Barbie look-alike decided to make a dramatic change. Seeing how she looked before, you will be shocked by what she looks like after.

Barbie Look-Alike Realizes She Looks Dumb, Makes Dramatic Change
Jade as a Barbie look-alike (Photo Credit: 100% Hotter via Cosmo)

Jade, a 20-year-old British woman from Bristol, did everything she could to look more like the iconic Barbie doll. From applying a fake tan twice a day to bleaching her hair once a month and even having surgery as a teenager to boost her bust from an A to a double G cup, the girl she once was became unrecognizable. As her appearance changed, so did her attitude, with the Barbie look-alike showing off her new assets in skimpy pink outfits — to the horror of both her mother and boyfriend.

Jade admitted that she loved her Barbie doll inspired look, even though it often brought her negative attention. The skinny, blonde toy was her style icon, and she even had the word “Barbie” tattooed on her hand. “Barbie is the perfect doll, I am trying to make myself look like her,” Jade said.

Barbie Look-Alike Realizes She Looks Dumb, Makes Dramatic Change
The Barbie look-alike defended her look as she appeared before a team of stylists (Photo Credit: 100% Hotter via Daily Mail)

“If someone said I looked like a blow-up doll I would take it as a compliment,” she added. “I do see over-the-top and different when I look in the mirror but I just love Barbie. It changes me as a person, I start acting different, and it gives me confidence,” Jade explained. “I feel terrible without it all. I won’t go out, not even to the shop.”

But Jade’s mother Kelly and her boyfriend Daniel were tired of her look. As Kelly explained that her daughter didn’t need to be a Barbie look-alike to be beautiful, Jade’s boyfriend admitted that he hated the way men ogle at her cleavage. Finally, enough was enough, and Jade was eventually talked into a “make-under” to reveal her natural beauty — but it took some rather harsh convincing.

Jade strips off the mountain of makeup caked on her face. (Photo Credit: 100% Hotter via Cosmo)

Although Jade admitted that she got “horrible comments all the time,” which were “quite upsetting,” she had gotten to the point where she could ignore it. However, when the team of stylists on a show called “100% Hotter” asked the public to rate Jade’s look, she couldn’t ignore how people saw her anymore. Saying her tan looked like “she has been in a bath of gravy” and that she appeared “muddy,” Jade’s appearance scored a one and two out of ten.

Jade agreed to let the make-under team do their best to improve her score. So, the Barbie look-alike was encouraged to ditch her peroxide blonde hair, fake tan, and cheap clip-on extensions, which had been leaving bald patches, according to Daily Mail. Although Jade said she felt more confident in heavy makeup and skimpy outfits, it was time to strip all of that away and see what lied underneath.

Barbie Look-Alike Realizes She Looks Dumb, Makes Dramatic Change
A makeup-free Jade (Photo Credit: 100% Hotter via Cosmo)

Freed from the mountain of makeup she usually wore, it was time to recreate her image and focus on her naturally pretty features and flawless fair skin, which she had been hiding under the heavy cosmetic camouflage. So, the 100% Hotter team, which included fashion stylist Grace Woodward, hair designer Daniel K Palmer, and makeup artist Melissa Sophia, got to work.

“She has tan overkill, boob overflow, and Barbie overload. We need to crack this shell and get to the goodness underneath,” hairdresser Daniel said. So, first, Jade’s bleached blonde hair was traded for a softer shade and she was given better quality extensions.

Barbie Look-Alike Realizes She Looks Dumb, Makes Dramatic Change
Jade’s make-under results (Photo Credit: 100% Hotter via Daily Mail)

Then, she was given a more natural makeup. “When Jade walked in I could instantly tell she was a pretty girl but she hides it under all that fake tan and terrible makeup,” Melissa said before banishing Jade’s fake tan and giving here a more natural look.

Finally, Jade was dressed in more sophisticated clothing as stylist Grace showed Jade less can be more when showing off her figure. “I hope we have done enough to show her being herself is better than a blow-up doll,” Grace said. The results were jaw-dropping. Once again, Jade was unrecognizable, but this time, for all the right reasons. Her once clownish appearance was traded for something more classy.

Barbie Look-Alike Realizes She Looks Dumb, Makes Dramatic Change
Jade’s make-under results (Photo Credit: 100% Hotter via Cosmo)

Following the astonishing make-under, Jade said she couldn’t believe the difference and now thinks people will take her more seriously. Of course, Jade’s mother, who cried to see Jade looking more like her true self, hopes her daughter will keep the more natural and much more flattering look. Luckily, that seems promising since Jade said she was stunned and delighted with her new look. “I feel like an idiot looking at the old picture of me, what was I doing?” Jade said. “I look really different, I am shocked,” she gushed, adding, “I love the dress, it is still feminine and makes my shoulders look good and I feel comfortable. I also love the hair and makeup.”

Her boyfriend agreed. Complimenting the vast improvement, Daniel said, “You look like a woman, not a drag queen.” The public was also asked to rate Jade’s new look, this time giving her a score of 9.8 out of ten as she was described as “gorgeous” and “stunning.” Indeed, this show and others like it remind us that less is more and that natural beauty isn’t found in a bottle, no matter how many layers you slap on.