VIDEO: Mom Confronts Murderer Who Dismembered Her Daughter

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After her daughter was killed and her remains dismembered in what a judge called a “reprehensible and heinous” act, an emotional mother finally got to confront her child’s convicted murderer — and it was all caught on video.

Jared Chance’s apartment, where Ashley Young’s dismembered torso, arms, and legs were found. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Ashley Young was visiting Jared Chance, someone she considered an old friend, when she suddenly went missing in Grand Rapids, Michigan. For days, her mother, Kristine Young, tried to reach her without success, Inside Edition reported. Then, Kristine’s worst fears were realized when a man living in the lower level of the two-family home, where Chance resided, noticed an awful smell, according to MLive.

The foul odor led Chance’s neighbor, Mario Nelson, to the apartment’s basement, where he saw blood coming from a tarp and quickly called the 911. According to Grands Rapids Police Sgt. Greg Alcala, he immediately noticed the basement had the smell of death when he arrived at the scene, Fox 17 reported. Sadly, police would soon discover the cause as they found Ashley’s torso in the basement.

Ashley Young Mom Confronts Convicted Murderer Who Dismembered Her Daughter
Ashley Young (Photo Credit: Kalamazoo County Sheriff’s Office)
Jared Chance in police custody (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Although her head, hands, and feet would remain missing, investigators found Ashely’s arms and legs in a box on the landing outside of Jared Chance’s home, as well as blood and human tissue throughout his apartment. Police also discovered two casings for a .22-caliber firearm in the house’s furnace.

According to witness testimony, Chance was fascinated with a .22-caliber revolver and also bragged that he knew how to clean up a crime scene with soda pop. Then, a bloody reciprocating Skil saw was discovered under a couch in Chance’s parents’ Holland home, which he visited after Young disappeared.

Jared Chance (Photo Credit: Kent County Sheriff’s Office)
Ashley Young Mom Confronts Convicted Murderer Who Dismembered Her Daughter
A witness shows the saw in court. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

According to MLive, the day before Ashley’s body was found, Barbara and James Chance took their son back to their home for the weekend. He brought a box containing body parts and other items to Holland, then returned with them the next day. Traces of blood and tissue were found in his parents’ car.

Jared Chance was charged with murder and tampering with evidence as prosecutors suggested that he shot Ashley Young in the head before dismembering her remains. After a trial, the judge delivered the verdict: guilty on all counts. In court, Ashley’s family was afforded the opportunity to give victim impact statements.

Ashley’s mother addressed Jared Chance directly as a box containing a portion of her daughter’s cremains sat on a table beside her in open court. Kristine Young didn’t hold back as she berated the 30-year-old convicted killer, screaming at times, as she gave Jared Chance a piece of her mind, People reported.

“You threw her out like trash,” Kristine Young yelled. “I do not know what Ashley saw in you that was worth saving,” she continued. “Jared Chance I hate you,” she added as she unleashed on the man convicted of killing her daughter. Although excerpts of Kristine’s statement are seen in the clip above, her entire 10-minute rebuke of Jared Chance is below:

“You had no right to take her from me — to take her from her family,” Kristine told Jared Chance. “I cry seven days a week,” she added. “I hate you. I want to rip you limb from limb and discard you like trash, like what you did to Ashley,” the grieving mother continued. “You do not deserve to breathe.”

After being convicted by a jury of second-degree murder, mutilation of a body, concealing a death, and three counts of tampering with evidence for the murder and mutilation of Ashley Young, Jared Chance was sentenced to a minimum 100 years in prison. His parents, 77-year-old James Chance and 64-year-old Barbara Chance, were also accused of helping their son cover up the killing and charged with perjury while being questioned under a prosecutor’s investigative subpoena and accessory after the fact.

James and Barbara Chance (Photo Credit: Kent County Jail)
A saw with traces of blood and tissue was found in Chance’s parents’ home. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

“I believe you are evil,” Judge Trusock told Jared Chance before handing down the sentence of 100 to 200 years in prison — far above the state guidelines for second-degree murder, Fox 17 reported. “You are clearly a monster without any conscience whatsoever,” he added, explaining that he couldn’t sentence Chance to life without parole because his murder conviction was on a second-degree charge.

Jared Chance will not be eligible for parole until he is 130 years old, but sadly, this brings little closure for Ashley Young’s family since her head, hands, and feet had yet to be found. Jared Chance has not spoken about his friend or what happened to her body parts that are still missing.

Ashley Young Mom Confronts Convicted Murderer Who Dismembered Her Daughter
Ashley and Kristine Young (Photo Credit: Facebook)
Ashley Young Mom Confronts Convicted Murderer Who Dismembered Her Daughter
Jared Chance refused to reveal what he had done with the head, hands, and feet of Ashley Young. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Although he was even offered a plea deal that would have allowed him to avoid the possibility of a life sentence by making a full confession that included saying where the missing body parts are, Chance refused. “You will never tell me where she is because you like to torment people, you like to hurt them, you enjoy it,” Kristine Young told him in court.

“Because if you didn’t,” Kristine continued, “you would have told us. You would have told us a long damn time ago. You didn’t. You are a coward.” Even with Ashley Young’s killer behind bars, her family still has another mission: Finding the rest of her remains — a fight they intend to keep up. We can only pray they receive the closure they deserve.

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