Man Hacks Off His Own Genitals, Kills Wife After Making Sex Request

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When police arrived on the scene, they discovered the body of a young woman lying next to her husband, whose lower half was covered in blood. However, nothing could prepare them for the reason he had cut off his own genitals after killing his wife.

Anwarul Hasan
Residents of Gorakhpur, India, stumbled upon a gruesome scene after a couple was overheard arguing. (Photo Credit: Annie Spratt)

In every marriage, there are quarrels and disputes that can easily lead to one party or the other doing something they’ll later regret. Still, most arguments, no matter how serious, typically don’t end up with a dead spouse or the self-mutilation of one’s body parts, which is what happened with 24-year-old Anwarul Hasan and his wife.

Residents in a large Indian metropolis were in for the shock of their lives when they stumbled upon a grisly scene straight out of a gory slasher flick. Neighbors suddenly grew suspicious after hearing a young couple’s heated argument fall eerily silent, prompting them to go next door and investigate the disturbance. What they found was the stuff of nightmares.

Anwarul Hasan
Anwarul Hasan had confessed to choking his wife to death before hacking off his own genitals. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

According to New Indian Express, residents in Gorakhpur found a young woman lying dead on the ground and her husband covered in blood and lying next to her. After calling the police, the neighbors discovered that the 20-year-old woman, who remains unnamed, had been strangled to death by her husband, who then took a knife and cut off his own genitals.

Disturbed by the gruesome scene, neighbors only discovered the motivation for such brutality after the police arrived. Investigators quickly discovered that 24-year-old Anwarul Hasan had murdered his young wife and hacked off his genitals because the woman had refused to have sex with him.

Anwarul Hasan told reporters that he murdered his wife and cut off his genitals because she refused to have sex with him. (Photo Credit: Wu Yi)

The outlet reports that the victim had married Hasan only a year earlier and had just returned home two days prior to her death. It was soon after she had arrived that Hasan insisted she has sex with him. When she allegedly denied his demand, he grew uncontrollably enraged. He strangely confessed his crime and reasoning to interested reporters.

Hasan admitted that he lunged at his wife, angrily choking her until she asphyxiated. Still upset, he then located a kitchen knife, exposed his privates, and cut through his sexual organs in a fit of rage. Shortly after the insane episode, neighbors stumbled upon Hasan, who was bleeding profusely, and his deceased wife lying next to him, News Track Live reports.

Anwarul Hasan has received emergency medical treatment, although it is unclear whether surgeons were able to reattach his genitals. (Photo Credit: Valentin Salja)

Hasan was immediately rushed to Baba Raghav Das Medical College for emergency treatment. He was ultimately stabilized, although it is unclear whether surgeons were able to reattach his genitals. He was later arrested and charged with his wife’s murder.

Since Hasan’s arrest, the victim’s grieving father has registered a criminal complaint against the culprit. The father accused his son-in-law of incessantly demanding a dowry from the young woman, which allegedly led to continual tension between the couple.

Anwarul Hasan
Anwarul Hasan’s father-in-law claims that his daughter’s murder stems from a dispute over a dowry. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

The incident highlights the growing threat of violence against women in India, a topic that has been raised by numerous women’s rights activists throughout the country. Although India has come a long way in the fight for gender equality, domestic violence against women still plagues the nation.

The young woman’s body was sent for a post-mortem investigation to confirm that she was strangled to death and that Hasan was the murderer. The victim’s family hopes to obtain justice for their daughter in a court of law. However, it’s difficult to imagine that a judge can offer any worse of a punishment than the hacking off of one’s genitals.

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