Man Breaks Into Baby’s Room, Momma Bear Makes Him Regret It

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A Virginia man broke through a window of a home and into the room where a baby had been playing. Little did he know, he was making a big mistake. He had no idea who the child’s mother was, and it really didn’t turn out in his favor.

Anthony Deshawn Bethel
Anthony Deshawn Bethel learned the hard way that he had broken into the wrong house (pictured) (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Anthony Deshawn Bethel, a 25-year-old Newport New, Virginia man, picked the wrong house to break into when he came to one mother’s door at 10:30 pm one evening. Allie, who didn’t want to be identified by her full name, heard Bethel, who she did not know, knocking loudly and asking her to let him in, WTKR reported. He was about to learn that Allie wasn’t just your average mom.

Allie’s husband had just left for work about an hour before, so she was alone in the house with their 2-year-old baby when Bethel started knocking loudly and telling her to let him in. But, Allie had a better idea. “It was either him or me,” said Allie. “I have my daughter to protect.”

Anthony Deshawn Bethel
Allie was home alone with her daughter when Anthony Deshawn Bethel broke in. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

“Someone started banging on the door and messing with the doorknob,” Allie recalled. “He was screaming like, ‘Let me in, baby! We are okay, let me in! They are out to kill me!'” she added. “I looked through the peephole and I didn’t recognize who it was, so I latched the top lock, ran to the back, called 911, and got my gun.”

Just a little while prior to the man showing up at their home, Allie had put their young daughter to sleep. As she went to get her pistol, she heard a loud crash coming from her little girl’s playroom, where her baby had been playing just a half an hour before.

Anthony Deshawn Bethel broke in through a window in Allie’s daughter’s playroom. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

After hearing the crash, Allie looked and saw that the man had broken the window to get into her home. “It was only about 30 minutes that I had her down before this all happened. She could have been in here playing and he could have busted in and fell on her or anything,” Allie said.

“All I knew is I wanted to stop him from hurting me or hurting my daughter,” Allie furthered, adding that the man was acting erratic and looked like he was on drugs. Allie feared he was going to attack, so she took action. “I mean, he was coming at me, and I think he was yelling,” she said, according to WAVY. “But you know, it’s one of those things where it was so fast, I don’t know, but all I knew is he was coming at me and I knew if he got past me, my daughter was in the back room.”

Anthony Deshawn Bethel
Anthony Deshawn Bethel (Photo Credit: NNPD)

Not willing to allow herself or her daughter to be victims, Allie squeezed off a couple rounds. “There was nothing else to do. He was coming at me so I shot,” she said. The first round hit Bethel in the hand before passing through and entering his abdomen. Then, she fired the second round, hitting Anthony Deshawn Bethel right in the groin and stopping him in his tracks.

“Had I not been able to protect myself with the gun, I don’t know what he would have done to me,” Allie said. “I don’t know what he would have done to my daughter, there’s no telling, but I’ll never have to find out because I stopped the situation.” Luckily, Allie didn’t have to find out what could have happened. Instead, she dropped the intruder to the ground.

(Photo Credit: Pixabay)

Anthony Deshawn Bethel probably thought he had an easy target when he saw a mother home alone with her young child, but he didn’t know who he was messing with. There’s a reason Allie was ready to defend herself, her baby, and her home, and it’s not just the fact that she chose to exercise her Second Amendment right to bear arms. She was a police officer’s wife.

As the mother was applauded for protecting herself and her daughter, some said they weren’t sure if they could have done the same. Fortunately for Allie, she wasn’t hesitant to squeeze the trigger thanks to training from her husband, who’s a James City County Police officer. The couple has spent a lot of time at the range, preparing for such a situation. “We’ve talked about what we would do,” said Allie. “Protect her, protect the house. That’s what I did.”

The suspect was hospitalized for his injuries but recovered. After his release from the hospital, he was immediately taken into custody and jailed on burglary charges. As for Allie, she’s just glad Anthony Deshawn Bethel was the one who ended up in the hospital rather than her or her young daughter. But, she was still shaken up. “It doesn’t make it too much easier to know that I can totally handle my worse fear,” Allie said. “But along the same lines, it makes me feel more confident I was able to do what I needed to do.”

Thanks to Allie, a man who could be a danger to society was taken off the streets. Thankfully, she was armed and able to neutralize the threat before he caused her or her daughter any harm. If she hadn’t been, her story could have had a much different ending. Her efforts have shown that in the face of danger, the best chance any of us have is to be prepared to defend ourselves. Our safety is our responsibility, and we shouldn’t ever forget that.

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