Cops Ask Mother Sitting In Dirty Puddle With Baby To Stand, Has Trouble

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When cops discovered two moms in a parking lot, one of them was sitting in a dirty puddle, holding her baby over her head. The officers asked her to stand up, and as soon as she did, the cops knew what had happened.

The Mall at Rockingham Park in Salem, New Hampshire (Photo Credit: Google Maps)

Amber Giordano and Baylie Lecolst landed themselves in hot water after the two mothers were discovered intoxicated in the parking lot of the Mall at Rockingham Park in Salem, New Hampshire. A passerby noticed their behavior with their two tots in the parking lot and called the police to check on the women.

According to police, not only did both women show obvious signs of intoxication, they admitted to officers that they had been consuming alcohol. The drunk women, who both had their infants with them, were “barely able to stand, let alone care for the infants,” according to a press released from the police department. Giordano and Lecolst were arrested by police and charged with child endangerment since they were both too intoxicated to care for their children.

Amber Giordano and Baylie Lecolst Put Their Babies At Risk In Parking Lot
Baylie Lecolst (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Baylie Lecolst of Salem, who was 22 at the time of her arrest, was reportedly found lying in a filthy puddle in the parking lot, holding her 4-month-old son above her head, while Giordano watched. “The puddle was filled with water and motor vehicle fluids,” Captain Joel Dolan told Us Weekly.

Amber Giordano’s baby, who was also present in the parking lot, was just one month old at the time of the incident, according to the Eagle-Tribune. Sadly, it doesn’t appear this child’s mother is a stranger to law enforcement. In fact, records show 24-year-old Hampstead woman was previously charged with possession of controlled, narcotic drugs.

Amber Giordano and Baylie Lecolst Put Their Babies At Risk In Parking Lot
Amber Giordano

According to police, the two mothers were equally uncooperative during the booking process, which ended up taking four hours. The women argued with officers, yelled at some of them and called them names, police said. “This is something that should have taken 45 minutes, tops,” Capt. Dolan explained. “But they wouldn’t tell us where they lived. They wouldn’t give us phone numbers of sober adults to come pick them up. They were giving addresses in towns that didn’t exist.”

Dolan added that one of the mothers also attempted to breastfeed her baby during the lengthy booking process, but the officers “immediately ordered her to stop,” since babies cannot safely drink breast milk that has any level of alcohol in it.

Amber Giordano and Baylie Lecolst Put Their Babies At Risk In Parking Lot
Baylie Lecolst (Photo Credit: Salem, N.H., Police Department)

Although the infants were eventually released into the custody of each of the women’s parents, police got the New Hampshire Department of Children, Youth and Families involved, given the events that had taken place, as investigators continued to work the case.

“They made some very poor decisions and put two infants in that much danger,” Dolan said. “They could barely take care of themselves at that point, let alone care for two innocent infants.”

Amber Giordano and Baylie Lecolst Put Their Babies At Risk In Parking Lot
Amber Giordano (Photo Credit: Salem, N.H., Police Department)

Both Lecolst and Giordano were charged with misdemeanor counts of endangering the welfare of a child and released on bail after being scheduled to appear in court. Giordano, however, failed to show for her first court appearance and a bench warrant was then issued, according to the New Hampshire Union Leader. She could face more charges due to her failure to appear.

“Aside from the warrant, we are going to look into adding violation of bail condition charges,” Capt. Dolan said, adding that Giordano has not remained trouble-free since her arrest in Salem, having been arrested at least twice in the recent weeks leading up to her court date.

Captain Joel Dolan (Photo Credit: Screen Capture of US Weekly coverage)

Meanwhile, Lecolst did appear in court, where she pleaded not guilty. She was scheduled to be back in court at a later date for a review hearing. Sadly, Lecolst is no stranger to the justice system, either. At just 18 years old, Baylie Lecolst was charged with five counts of theft, according to police logs.

Many of the reader comments on the Boston Globe’s initial story about the incident harshly condemned the mothers’ actions. One reader thought that the babies could be in mortal danger, writing, “They will all be dead soon. Judgment goes out the window when someone is that drunk. How long before they forget their children in a car on a hot day (assuming they have one) or don’t feed them because they need money for drugs or alcohol. They need help. All of them.”

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