Gorgeous Teen Girl Applies For Modeling Jobs, Gets Rejected For Her ‘Big’ Butt

A beautiful teen girl from Sweden, who has been trying to have a successful modeling career, can’t seem to land a single job from any modeling agencies. And, it’s all because of her backside. She gets rejected after they take one look.

Arvika resident Agnes Hedengård was having quite a bit of trouble landing any modeling jobs. Apparently, it had gotten so bad that she expressed her desire to abandon the career, MailOnline reported. The gorgeous 19-year-old blonde appears to have the body that most girls would envy, but it wasn’t good enough for the industry.

Standing at 5-foot 11 inches with a Body Mass Index of just 17.5, you would think that agencies would be lining up to have her sign some sort of contract, but that’s just not the case. Unfortunately, she has been forced to give up the dream of full-time modeling after working in the industry for five years.

Agnes Hedengård
Agnes Hedengård, 19, could no longer get work as a model because agencies deem her “too big.” (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube)

After her troubles, Agnes lashed out at the absurd standards of the modeling industry and released a YouTube video exposing the absurd standards forced on young women. Despite her near perfect frame and beautiful looks, Agnes was told that she’s “too big” to be a model and that she needed to “get in shape” if she wanted to seriously pursue a career.

Even more absurd is what they told her about her size, as she revealed in her video. “I don’t get any more jobs since the industry thinks I’m too big. They think this is too big. They think my butt is too big, and they think my hips are too wide,” she said while standing before a mirror. “According to the modeling industry, you cannot look like this. You need to be thinner.”

Agnes has had no issues with being able to talk to the agencies. In fact, she said that when they see her pictures, she almost always gets a call. “I have been in contact with big agencies and clients that really wants to work with me,” Agnes said. “But as soon as they get hold of my measurements, it’s a whole other story.”

To most people, Agnes would appear to be on the thinner side, and she’s actually under the recommended BMI for someone her height. “Normal weight” for a teen girl her height is between 18.5 and 25 BMI, which means that she’s actually classified as underweight, but apparently, underweight isn’t good enough for the cut-throat modeling industry.

Agnes Hedengård
Agnes Hedengård hits back at the beauty standards in the modeling industry where a girl who looks like her is “too big.” (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube)

Agnes said that for a year, she counted calories, barely ate, and otherwise suffered to try to make it as a model. “They are like ‘no, she’s too big,’ ‘she needs to get in better shape, we will not work with her,’ ‘whoah, no, she’s way too big,’” Agnes said in the video.

She has since put off her hopes of a successful career in the industry, only modeling part-time while working full-time as a sales assistant instead. But, she wanted to let other girls know just how hard it can be to pursue a career in modeling. “It’s absurd and I hate it,” she said. “And just want other people to see this.”

Agnes Hedengård
Agnes Hedengård described how she is being told by agencies to “get into shape” and that her “hips are too wide and butt is too big.” (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube)

Indeed, it is absurd. While it’s understandable that most modeling agencies want women who are in shape, they shouldn’t be demanding that they’re dangerously underweight in order to get a job. Not only does it pose a threat to the models doing the work, but it’s an unrealistic depiction of how real women are supposed to look.

What’s even more bothersome is the attributes they have a problem with — namely, hips and a rear end. It sounds like the modeling industry is purposely seeking out girls with a prepubescent build. This leads one to believe that the media does indeed sexualize children — or at least the appearance of a child — as they seek out “women” who don’t yet have the attributes of a mature woman, but rather appear more youthful and girl-like. That’s a bit frightening.