Boy Refuses to Get on Bus, Writes Note to Mom Listing Pros and Cons

While away from the house for less than an hour, a mother returned to find that her young son had missed the school bus, which was out of the ordinary for him. However, when she found his handwritten note, what she read suddenly changed everything.

When her son missed the school bus, a mother returned to find his handwritten note. (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

When the mother of Adam Holliday stepped away from the house for not even half an hour, she returned to not only discover that he hadn’t gotten on the school bus but that he had penned her a lengthy note. As soon as she read it, she realized exactly what was going on.

Although it doesn’t necessarily pay the bills, being a mother has more than its fair share of rewards. Of course, the world’s most important career also comes with a hefty price that includes but is not limited to one’s sanity.

Sarah Holliday shared her little brother’s note on social media. (Photo Credit: Twitter)

The handwritten letter quickly went viral the moment it was shared on social media by the author’s older sister, Sarah Holliday. She briefly explained that her little brother, Adam, hastily wrote their mother a note after accidentally missing the school bus. However, nothing could prepare readers for the clever child’s message.

According to FOX 8 News, the Missouri boy knew his mother wouldn’t accept any excuse for missing the school bus while she was away. However, the child also knew he had the gift of words and humor on his side, which undeniably paid off.

Adam Holliday
On the front, Adam Holliday explains to his mother exactly what happened. (Photo Credit: Twitter)

On the front of the paper, Adam started off by confessing his mistake — he had regrettably missed the bus. However, as he continued, it was clear that the silver-tongued lad had a valid reason behind choosing to “stay home” and remain “in my bed moping” for the day.

“As your son, I regret to inform you that I’ve missed my means of public transportation,” the note begins. “I know you must be on a roller coaster of emotions right now but rest assured, I’ve decided to stay home. This was a tough decision to make while you were gone for 20 minutes. I’m probably in my bed moping about the fact that I can’t go to school, so please don’t interrupt me. If you require any further assistance, please see the pros/cons chart on the back side.”

It didn’t take much for Adam’s mom to soften from her initial anger over him missing the bus. In fact, it was the boy’s extensive rationale on the back side of his letter that instantly had the mom hooked and likely in tears with laughter.

Adam Holliday
On the back, Adam Holliday lists the “pros” and “cons” of missing the bus. (Photo Credit: Twitter)

Incredibly, the “Pros/Cons” list is even more hilarious. On the plus side, the boy reminds his mother that it’s his “first day home this quarter,” so his “grades will be fine.” Additionally, he rationalizes that “today was gonna be a bad one” since he “can’t get over my hair.” On the other hand, the child admits that missing the bus “might become a habit,” which he adds is “doubtful.” He then concludes that his mother has no other choice but “to call the school and tell them I’ve got polio.”

With the hilarious and clever nature of the note, Sarah, who resides in Ohio, soon logged onto social media to find that her post of her brother’s message had gone viral. Of course, many readers were wondering what happened to Adam, asking if he was punished for missing the bus and staying home.

“Update since everyone wants to know,” Sarah wrote. “YES. My mom let him stay home. How could she not?!”

Thanks to his creative writing, Adam Holliday was allowed to stay home from school. (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

Sarah joked that she will never forget the time that Adam managed to explain his way out of not only missing the bus but staying home from school. The overwhelming majority of the comments were understandably in awe of the boy’s tact.

Thanks to his creative writing, Adam was allowed to skip school and sleep in. Hopefully, the boy was able to fully recover from his bad hair day and make it the bus stop on time the next morning.